Monday, October 27, 2008

Star is a Star is a Star

Ok, here is the post I promised. Star and I went to our first A show/Pinto. This was only Stars 2nd show EVER, as the last show we went to she got some sort of virus and we had to scratch.

I like to make lists, and going to a show is no exception. I make long lists to make sure I don't forget anything. Heaven forbid I get to a show and have forgotten her bridle or something like that. Here is my list. I broke it down into sections. I know I am weird, but it makes my life easier.

See that barn clock? It is 0 dark'thirty, when I get to the barn Saturday morning. I had already been there 15 minutes when I took this pic. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

Eris the baby stud colt was not so happy about the sudden onset of the barn lights over his stall. Most of the ponies were laying down, but as soon as I throw on the lights they are all up and whinnying for breakfast. Sorry kids, I am not the food cart man today. They are not so thrilled that not only I woke them, but breakfast is still hours away.

But not for Princess, she gets the first of her two breakfast's today. A full Star is a compliant happy Star. Fill her belly and she'll give you anything you ask. Wow, she is like me more and more all the time. Who knew?

Ok, Friday night I spent hours and hours scrubbing her from forelock to tail, hoof to hoof, she was double blanketed, put her sleazy on and a tail bag. If there was such a thing as pony bubble wrap she would have had that too. She can find dirt and poo anywhere.

Next we wrap the legs, to protect them from harm while traveling, and protect them from poo and dirt at the show. She is sporting her new purple wraps that Aunt Denise bought us for my 40th birthday. Sweeeeet. So her blanket is green, sleazy is Blue, travel Halter is Pink, leg wraps purple. Some were saying that she was the poster child for the Gay Pride, and well I couldn't disagree. When i have the cash-ola all of her travel gear will match. Our show travel groom/1st aid bags are Hot pink, so at least they match.

It is almost 7 am, and we are wrapped and ready to roll. Star knew something was up as she is normally mellow, but this morning she was on alert for sure. Or maybe it was she didn't get to finish 1st breakfast?

We're off and rolling to the Equestrian Center, lucky for me this is only about 15 minutes. We will be showing at alot of Open Shows this year, it is just more economical and more folks from the barn can participate if we do more local shows than just all Breed shows.

What's this? 2nd Breakfast? IN a hot Pink Camo Hay Bag? Yep, I do this on purpose, so I know what belongs to ME and the Mares. If I buy all black, it can get mixed up with others stuff, Hot Pink Camo? Not likely... I know screams Gay Pride as well.

Bling ( aka Bling Bling Gal) was the first to show on Saturday, my class wasn't until Sunday. Isn't she gorgeous? She got Grand Champion and Reserve Champion 4 and under Mares. Yipeeeee.
Deb does such a great job with training our horses. They rarely get less than 3rd, when she is the handler/rider.

Standing for her inspection from the judges. It was a 4 judge show, so she placed on top with all 4. How cool is that? Shania is going to have a Amazing All around Mare when Bling Bling Gets under saddle. I will also have a peep to go to Pinto Shows with. Since only Bling and Star are registered Pinto in the barn.

Star and I go on Sunday first class at 8 am, we are waiting our turn, not on deck, but on deck next to on deck.

I am so nervous, I want to throw up and go home. All the money, hard work, elbow grease somehow just went away and I wanted to do was l.e.a.v.e. and call it good. The gal who went in before as you can see below is a Supreme/Region of Honor World Champ and her horse is legendary and for he princely sum of 50K you can buy him, he is that good. OMG, I had to go in AFTER HER, not mentioning that the jacket I am wearing is her hand me down I bought. I am not feeling the ju ju, and I am about to faint.

Well, this is us on deck, and about to go. I tanked it , honestly I just went blank and lost my mojo. Going in after Heidi sealed my confidence melt-down for sure. I bombed the inspection, Star wasn't listening because I was giving wrong cue's, etc.. All in all it was a very expensive learning experience. ouch... The class had about 20 in it, so I wasn't worried about placing, I didn't care, but I didn't count on losing my composure after so many hours of practicing.

This is us afterwards outside. I many many mistakes, but that is how I learn. I have never done showmanship, never competed in an A rated show, so I definitely took on a huge challenge for a horse that has only been back in my possession for a few months and has only been to one show before this. I set the bar rather high don't ya think? That's me. I rarely have competition nerves, I thrive on competition, if I am in my element, I was so far out of my element I felt as if I was on Mars. I promised myself that this year of turning 40 I was going to do everything I was too scared to do in my horse career. Showmanship was one of them. I am not defeated, just more determined than before.

See the corn stalks? The whole place was covered in Halloween decorations, Star walked through the lights, sounds, creatures, gravestones, like she had been there done that. Except for the Mini Horses. We walked by a stall with a mini in it, so you couldn't see it, then it started whinnying and she literally shook from head to tail. Like OMG, Mom there is a Pony Ghost in that stall ! So I let her look inside, she snorted and decided to keep going. IN the line up of our class a mini was right next to us who could have been her twin. She wasn't happy about that either, she kept one eye on that little critter the whole time.

This is a picture of the best behind in the barn, not mine :) Stars behind......She has booty for miles that girl. Deb was my show groom , food provider and moral support, so that was awesome, I never had that before. At shows I am a one girl show, I do it all myself. It was cool to have a friend helping. So everyone, it was a success, not a ribbon success but time well spent with my horse, my friend Deb, new friends I made at the show, and we learned alot about showing a stock horse, time management and pre-prep is KEY to keeping the nerves in check.
I love showing, I love the experience it provides me to be a better horsewoman, I love dressing up and having a beautiful mare as arm candy. Watch out for us in 2009!


20 meter circle of life said...

Hey you went and you did not pass out or throw up!!! so I count that as a win..

Hey I have all the show stuff on excel sheets that you can date and name if you want me to send them over. I will leave them editable so you can make the changes you need. They are actually pretty spiffy as I save then from year to year and that way you can make specific changes based on the venue. If you want my 2-3-4 day show meal plans and shopping lists you can have those as well- each type of show has a theme- Mexican- Greek-Americana...maybe we were planning twins separated at bith.lmao!!!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Jewel.. So , your excel spreadsheets would be most appreciated. I love lists of lists to make my life easier.We must be planning twins seperated at birth !
My good luck charm is my first aid bag, I remember it, no boo boo's, i forget it, or decide I dont need it, some horse or person gets a bleeder.Never fails!
So when is your next show?

Kathi said...

Jocelyn, I'm so impressed with you and Star. Thank you for the wonderful tour of the show. This is something I know nothing about. It's really cool.

It's really hard to do scary things. Teaching and getting back into subbing has been very frightening for me. Today I had a super day in the 5th grade.

Hugs, Kathi

jennifer said...

I'm sorry you didn't feel good about your performance but I am proud of your determination. You will nail it next time.

Star really is beautiful.

Sharon said...

Wow Jocelyn! This is amazing! It is a whole other world with which I am not familiar. It is fun to learn about horses. I think Star looks amazing! I'm sorry you didn't feel that you did well, but it was a great experience for you and you'll do better next time!

Have a great day!

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! I LOVE horses and used to train, many a moon ago! LOL She is gorgeous, I have a soft spot for pintos and leopard appi's... :)

Rising Rainbow said...

We all must start somewhere. The first time can only happen once, so you're bound to get better.

Personally, I think I'm glad that they don't have showmanship for adults at the Arab shows so I don't have to participate. I am easily distracted and I'd probably really screw up my quartering because of that.