Friday, October 10, 2008

5 years ago

Can you guess what I am going to share ?
It starts in a Chapel, a perfect White Chapel... awwwwww
It has beautiful flowers

A 4 tier amazing cake.
A Bride and Groom

A beautiful summer day
My Mom and Dad and all your FRIENDS!
You Guessed it! My wedding to Shawn in 2003. It was the most fabulous Day of my life .


Kathi said...

Oh you are a gorgeous bride! What a perfect couple. Kathi

ps I hope you do have a lovely wonderful birthday.

Sharon said...

Happy 5th anniversary! The pictures are beautiful! YOu are such a lovely bride. Oh, my goodness, what a treat to see your parents! I have not seen your mother in years. She looks so pretty! I always really loved your mother! I always liked your Dad too, but didn't see him as often. How fun!


Love Sharon

jennifer said...

This was so sweet! Wonderful photos!