Friday, September 5, 2008

More of the Story

So, I promised more of her story of how she came back home to Livingstone Stables and back into my life. Shawn had always promised me that if we ever had enough cash aside, he would buy her back for me if Heather was willing. A year or so had gone by and I hadn't seen Star , but Heather and I were email friends, and I got plenty of updates. The self-care barn where Star was living was being sold to someone Heather found unlikeable, and wanted to know if I 1/2 leased Star with her, she could afford to come live at LS full time. Time went along, and Heather realized that while she loved Star they were not a match, as often happens in human equine relationships. Star is BIG, opinionated and a grooming nightmare. Heather was offered the chance to get a 1/2 arab filly for a steal, but I had to take Star back on the agreement that she was mine, but Heather retained riding privileges. Holy Hooves of Mother Mary ! Did I really just hear that I am getting my horse back? I had to sleep on it, talk to Shawn and do some prayers.
Star is my child, my soul mate, and how could I say no? I've never seen her happier, more willing and much less mare-itude, so I truly believe she is ..... HOME...

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