Saturday, September 6, 2008

Keeping an eye on me

Last night was chore night. Which means I fill up grain and supplement baggies. Not my favorite, but it is necessary. I had errands to run, so I didnt ride, just did " chores". I try to keep my tack area clean and organized. I said TRY....
What they get:
A mixture of rolled barley and cracked corn 2 to1. About 1.5 cups.
Dynamite Vitamins 1 scoop. They are the best in my opinion and the results are amazing.
Pro-biotic: They are both being worked, but not in shape, and it's excellent for hoof health.
B1 and Mare Magic: If anyone has mares you know why these little gems are in there. Blu is uber hormonal and well.... frisky... She just loses her head when she is in heat. Star gets pms'y cranky. So, I was told that B1 is excellent for moody mares. I think it is really working.
Shawn thinks I should make baggies of it for myself too. ;0

So, the grain room is directly behind Stars Stall. So imagine her delight thinking an after dinner snack was being prepared. There is enough room in the boards where I could see
light******eyeball***** light. She was practically pressing her eyeball on the wall to see what I was doing. She also has a sweet habit of raking her teeth on the bars like a prisoner when she is upset or being needy. Shawn said he taught her that and will teach her to put a cup in her mouth and do it.
So it was nicker, EYEBALL, rake the bars, nicker, EYEBALL, rake the bars. I wish I had the video camera.

Well, I must get to putting my office back together, so I can get to the barn later.


Luanne said...

You have gone through a lot of growth, hon. It's so good to see the light coming back. Star is your baby and I'm glad you have her back
Send me a good pic, and I will make it into a painting for you. k?



Jocelyn said...

Thanks Lu.

Im actually taking some on Sunday!