Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Working on the WHOA...

Good Morning !

Last couple of days Star and I have been working on our Showmanship pattern for our upcoming BIG GIRL show. This will be the first EVER " A" show her and I have done.
IF anyone is in or near Boring,OR at the Mt Hood Eq. and Event Center, October 24-26th. Stop by and say hello.
What is showmanship? It's like Advanced Halter with a pattern you must complete. Think "working" halter. :) I am working on my posture, confidence and the WHOA. Star is super smart and once she gets it she gets it, so I have complete confidence that I will be the one looking like a nervous beginner in the ring. But, it is for practice and exposing the pony to fun show outings.
What is funny about the difference between my two mares.

Star- slow to respond on the first step, kind of a lagger until she warms up, not a fan of the back up cue,haunch turn is ugly and stiff, shows her teeth when she is getting irritated. Getting better with the WHOA, will semi-set with no real training. Acts bored after 5 minutes.

Blu- perky, will trot out with no " clucking" , will back up to next week if asked, NO WHOA, NONE..., can spin a haunch or forehand turn like a top reiner, sets up with 4 crooked legs and won't budge. Always has a " this is fun!" look about her. She is so cute when she is having a good time, ears forward and all puffed up.

Like I've always said, they are just like kids. They each have their own personalities and talents.
I think I sweated off 5 pounds last night with these two girls.

Tonight.. we ride......................... I won't be home until after 9 for sure.


jennifer said...

I show my teeth when I am irritated too :)

I wish you the best with your show. If I were anywhere near, I would try to come and watch. Alas, Alabama is a LOOOOOOONG way from Oregon. I hope that Star shows well.

Be blessed!


Sharon said...

Hey Jocelyn,

I would love to hook up with you. Could you email me @ with the times you will be here and we can try to set something up!

Hugs, Sharon