Sunday, September 21, 2008

Name Change !

Happy Sunday,
Stars new Registered Name is NOW.
Sierra's Only Star
It was Sierra Jovahnas Star which was not my favorite, and would most likely get butchered by announcers.. as I have heard some announcers just butcher horses and riders names. You are all excited you place a class and it comes over sounding like a fast food drive through.. Major Peeve.

Yipeeee, the papers are finally in order.. Long story but it is finally done !

I saw this moon last Wednesday evening on my way home from the barn. I almost called Shawn to run outside and take photos. Well, he did it without me asking, I came home and he took these! Great minds! It was one of the most beautiful moons I had ever seen, it was a sight to behold and bask in the Glory of Our Father who without him, the simple joy of a Harvest Moon would be nothing but a big Orange Rock in the sky.

Movie night is on Friday nights. The Yeller' dog is Shannon out lab/golden mix, aka Last in Class. the Spotty lookin one is KellyDog, yes all one word, Blue Heeler/Terrier Mix aka Head of Ranch Security.Why are they Both on my lap? Shannie is MY dog, and KellyDog was being sheepish and refused to go cuddle with Shawn. Why? He smells like the cat is my guess.
The mare below is not Star. Her name is Miss Kitty. Her owner is so nice and gave me all sorts of tips on getting Star snowy white. She is going to be my direct competition next year. She won most of her classes, HI Point in Showmanship, and I didn't stay for the western portion this morning. I saw a variety of outfits in the ring this morning, but I am still going to wear my show shirt, black eq pants and boots, so if we fail in out pattern, we'll at least get points for looking good. ;) Oh my I am so nervous. We are going to practice until Star shows her teeth. :) alot...

Shut it Donkey! If this is not the cutest pair ever , she even got applause after she was done with her pattern and that pony was a SAINT. Her Dad was the show announcer and told me that I could NOT call her sweet, cute or likewise as she is quite full of herself already. I sometimes wish I had a house full of little girls, but boys are cool too, my son is going to re start taking lessons on Blu or Star, he can't decide. We'll let Teacher Deb decide.
I would prefer a little girl like this one, but I'll take what I can get I guess. shhh dont tell Logen, he uses the horses as a chick magnet. ugh... teens.

Have a great week !

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