Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take me Take ME!!

Hello again! I got a call from Denise saying she wanted to take a trail stroll/ride Sunday. SO me being me, I always say YES! Well, the Blu-Berry gave me this look seen below , like TAKE me mamaa..puuullllease?? So who can resist that face? I sure can't. She loves a good jaunt with her mare frens.

So, we are all tacked up and ready to head out. She is just stoked.. She is a born trail mare, and well, MUST be in front at all times. She will occasionally look back to see if the rest of the pack who are usually about 5 lengths behind, to make sure everyone is still following HER. I call it the " doesn't my hiney look great?" pose. She only spooked a couple of times.She has a thing with trailers, motor homes, heavy equipment. Goofy horse. Don't you just want to kiss those ears? I do all the time.

So, got back from the ride, Star was screaming in her stall as we left.. So she got a bath. She would have much preferred the trail ride, but Blu winked her big doe eyes and I fell for it.

This is what a black and WHITE horse should look like. She is not a fan of the spa day, nor does she care if she is black, white, brown, green and yellow all at once. She says it makes her unique. I said it makes her look like a feral range poster child for Mane and Tail shampoo. High Maintenance is an understatement.

AHH YES, the typical Star, stop taking pictures of me, face. They are just like kids ya know. You whip out the camera, either they pose like Blu, or get Pissy like Star.

What's this? Aunt Denise giving me a braid? Oh Holy Hooves of Mother Mary, what will my mare frens say. Might as well put on my Hot Pink wraps, some Twinkle Toes and some other unsightly girlie product on me. I will never live this down at the next meeting.

whatever, take my picture of my stoooopid braid, so Aunt Denise will be happy and get me back to my room, so I can roll in some poo or sumfin. Blu gets to go on an outing, and I get a bath. I will bring this up at the next meeting for sure.

Denise and Cyber getting ready for the trail ride. Cyber is a good boy, kinda squirmy, but very willing and funny personality.

and her HE IS! My favorite gelding of all time! COCO.. AKA COCO-nut, COCO-bean, shimmy shimmy COCO-pop. He gives big kisses and whinnies at me when I bring him in from outside.
Him and his person Beth, are just made for each other. They are such a cute team.
Tonight I have another CANTER lesson. Please pray that Star behaves, and we can get a pretty canter, besides the Lipizzaner LEAP and Camel Canter, my thighs can't take much more.

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