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We just got home from the Pendleton Round up in Pendlton, OR. It's about thee hours due East of us. This is one of the oldest rodeos in rodeo history. I would have taken more pics of the actual events, but as you can see I was in charge of the camera and Shawn was in charge of the beverages. So, I've posted the best/clear/non blurry/ photos out of the 100's I took! We stayed at Shawn's cousins house Tracey, that his wife with me Sheila, and Tracey is trying to show his mug behind us.Do you see the Kleenex in my purse? Yeah, allergies, so Claritin twice in one day and about 6 " beverages" I was well on my way to blurrrrr-ville.

This is Sheila and I in the cab of the Pendleton Hay and Feed truck. It is an International, not sure that year, but it was cool. MOM, LOOK! I am wearing my necklace!

This is the performance by the Umatilla Indians, they do the Indian horse race, where they do a lap, and switch horses. Indian teen girl Pageant, dancing and a parade of the Chief and the top tribal members. We had terrible seats, I won't go into it, but JP almost had a throw down a time or two, even Sheila had to tell people constantly to move move move. They would just stand in front of us and block our view. It sucked, just a total drag. Shawn and Tracey are already planning the seating arrangement for next year.

Below is my favorite pic of the day. This is one of the Umatilla Indians , he has such a great smile , a look of pride for his tribe and just looks like he is having the time of his life. His Pony however was not as equally enjoying the moment.So, I cropped it, to paint a more favorable picture for my blogger frens. I do have to say most of the horses that they were riding were NOTHING like the barn full of show ponies where my girls live. Bathing,Clippers, Show Sheen and basic dietary and hoof management I do not think are on top of the must -do's for those poor ponies.

Here is the Indian Princess that won the contest. I do have to say, out of all the contestants, she was the prettiest, she almost looked like the cartoon Sacajawea. Very pretty. We really didn't hit the shopping, or the vendors this time. We were starving and Shelia had homemade enchiladas waiting at home for us, and we were all in a hurry to feed our pie holes.

So, they day was over and we went home, roasted some marshmallows, visited, passed out. We had to sleep on the daughters WATERBED! I havent done that in 20 years. Needless to say, Shawn almost got the boot, as he is a turn and flipper sleep mate. I wanted to kill him, everytime he flipped I got shoved inthe wood siderailing. ugh...

Day two: Sunday

This is Dakota, she is a rescue pony they have for the grand kids. She was rescued by a friend of theirs who saw the pony tied to a fence for years, and finally offered the owners a 100 bucks, and she now lives atTracey's house. Her age is undetermined and she is nearly blind. She has the run of the place and is the favorite by far. She is so sweet and just a hoot. I went out to the pasture to take some pics and boy did she have her attention on me the whole time. I was afraid if I made a sudden move she would come over and bite my kneecaps.

Poor girlie had to play Fair Pony ride for about an hour. She was so sweet and compliant, and there were about 8 little girls just dying to get their turn. Look at that sweet face. Shawn said she looked all sorts of P'od and was saying under her breath" um... I am going to call BS on this just as soon as I can, but first I need something to eat and maybe a nappy" She didn't even need a halter and lead rope, she stood still like a statue while being brushed by a bunch of shrieking giggly girls, and while Tracey saddled her up. Notice the upside down stirrups?

They also have a 6 year old B/W Overo gelding named Studley, as he was a stallion until 2 years ago. He is hard to catch, but who managed to be the Horse Whisperer today?? Yes you guessed it. Shawn! We wont go into his methods as we are thinking about marketing it and selling it to the masses, making millions and selling funny various items as , handfuls of hay and bailing twine to catch an uncatchable horse. We will be RICH! The horseie folk will be so thankful for our vast array of common sense and easy to follow instructions. Cha-Ching.

Logen trying to bond with Studley. He was freaking out because Dakota the pony was on the OTHER side of the fence with her peeps and eating some very green yummy grass. He was either frightened by the shrieking or freaking out that the minions soon would be looking at him for their next mount.

This is Stud Muffin riding Studley. I cannot tell you how excited I was that Shawn was riding. He never gets too, and he loves to ride. He wants to do Cowboy mounted Shooting so bad, and we just don't have a horse that can do that. We also board at a stable, and to practice is out of the question. He even cantered him in the pasture. It almost brought tears to my eyes, seeing Shawn doing the same thing I love doing and having such a good time. we are so funny, we always ask each other: Did I look Ok? Were my hands down? How was my posture? Did I look like I at least knew what I was doing? Shawn has no problem telling me that my posture is less than stellar and that I need to sit up straight and keep my heels down. CRITICS!

This is me riding Studley, none of the other pictures turned out, so you get the picture of my bee-hind instead. His canter is smoooooooooth. His owner doesn't do more than a walk with him about every 6 months, when I got on and trotted him he was like.. What? W.O.R.K ? Then after about 10 minutes it was, OK sister you want speed you got it. Well, we opted for a casual walk after that.

This is the famous store Hamley's. If you are a Cowboy wear/tack/art/decorating aficionado then this is the place for you! The saddles are made on site, I even watched a saddle maker for a bit. Remember Abby's Pizza where you could watch them make pizzas? Same deal. I was entranced.
IF you don't have $$$, window shopping is all you can really do here.

This statue is as big as it looks folks. I asked permission first before I snapped photos.

The ceiling is copper and the fans are on an actual pulley system, You really feel as if you are stepping back in time. There is also a Coffee shop/ Wine shop and Steak house all in the same building, all called Hamley's. It's so impressive.

Ok, so here is the saddle that my Powerball winnings will buy me. The price tag? 8200.00. That's right the price of a KIA Rio, or a saddle. hmmmm
The tooling was to die for. This was one of many saddles that were like pieces of art. The one in the saddle makers workshop I am sure was over 30K, and I am sure custom ordered as the Tapaderos were definitly parade style.
Here is the web site, so you can browse at your leisure. Careful of the sticker shock !
Well, that about does it for our trip to the Round-Up. It was a blast, Tracey and Sheila were excellent hosts once again. Everyone should go at least once!

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