Thursday, September 4, 2008

We have Lift Off !!

Yipeee ! We have auto lift off at the canter. Star is really enjoying the canter, but all she wants to do is turn and burn. Mamma is not comfortable with that, so we are working on it.
This is where the girls live. Livingstone Stables. They live better than I do, three squares a day, clean rooms, fresh water and daily romps, vitamins hand delivered and toys to play with. Shawn has always said, if anything happened to him I would just move in to the barn. I keep a cot handy just in case :)

Ok, so when I miss going out for a few days, this is what I return to. Nasty Pig-Licious pony. I think she uses poo as a pillow, wow she reeked, but the bath will have to wait until the weekend.This is nothing compared to the rest of her.

Here are her fun Hot pink Cheetah Pattern Polo's. Star is NOT by any means a girlie girl. She is more biker chick with a twist of Mensa member. OMG, she is just like me !! Who knew... She is not into being clean, smelly good or anything bling-ish. Lavender shampoo and face wipes, she could care less. Since I am addicted to beauty products, she obliges but not a fan of the spa day.
Ok, so we are tacked up, and what is this look on her face? It's the look of get yer helmet mamma , I'm in a mood to turn and burn, and Dear GOD promise that I will never wear these polo wraps in public. My mare frens will laugh at me.

Blu didn't get much attention tonight as I was in a hurry to get home, I will ride her tomorrow. This is Mad MARE face. Blu is very mare-motional and you are clued in quickly of what she is feeling at all times. This is the " you rode Star and I didn't even get a hug" stance. ugh..... mares... She even screamed while we were in the tack up area announcing her displeasure. People say..awwwwww how sweet.. I say. OMG I've created a monster.

So, tonight I cantered Star not because I wanted to , but because SHE wanted to. I wanted to do half halts, shoulder in, circles, bending, etc...But nooooooooooooo. Every time we came to the corner at a trot she went faster ears forward and butt down. So, I relented and let her, then after she had her fill, we went to work on what mamma wanted. Compromise is a good thing with a 15.3 hand powerhouse. I just love her. She never forgets anything she has been taught, and you could not have her do a half pass for 6 months and she'll do it like she never missed a day.
Stay tuned for tomorrow.. Blu and I are going to try riding one more time, and maybe Star and I will go into the huge outdoor arena so she can canter all she likes. Maybe Video? Get yer Helmets!

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