Wednesday, September 3, 2008

couple days off

I took a couple of days off from blogging, because I have been so busy with getting two kids back to school, exchanging rooms, painting rooms, etc. I also went a rode a very nice 1/2 arab gelding on Monday, which was such a nice change of pace.

HE held his head set/frame for my entire ride, I didnt have to really work him at all, cues perfect-o, transitions smoooth and he is gorgeous to boot.

What a thrill to ride one who is still unfinished, yet just so mellow and willing. HE had only been ridden by his owner a man, and the trainer a man. So when I got on, he was all out of sorts for the first minute or two, then when he realized I wasn't some newbie and meant business, he got right back into frame and worked like he was told to. AMAZING!

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My husband thought he was cute too and loved on him while I was talking to the trainer, now just to sell Blu, get Star 1/2 leased and find the extra cash to buy him, or one like him. No pressure.

Who is Blu?

SHe is my Russian 1/2 Arab, that I bought when I sold Star. To show, endurance ride and get into Arabians.
She needs someone with much more patience and time, than I have right now. She will be a rockstar endurance horse for someone who wants to work out the bugs. Namely spooking and random bucking and a case of equine ADHD. I am too old for those antics, and while I love her, I'm over it.

any takers?

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