Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jesus take the Wheel

Good Morning,

Well, last night right before I left for the barn , Shawn kindly announced that he will most likely be deployed to Africa very soon for 4 months. Where he would be going is a very dangerous, poverty stricken place. This come after the news that Shawn is trying diligently to get another position at another base. Our choices currently are Mississippi, Alaska and Florida. This will mean a huge move for us, the kids, Star, possibly Blu as well. I will have to leave friends I love, family and my home that I love. It is a HUGE career move for him, it is a devastatingly emotional move for me. I have a hard enough time making friends and now I have a barn full.

Now the kids, both are settled into schools, in the last years of high school, and almost grown.
My parents did this to me my Sophomore year of High School, after being with the same friends since Kindergarten they pulled me from school and we moved to California and I never scholastically recovered.

I need Jesus to take the wheel on this one. Prayers needed and appreciated. I literally don't sleep, can't think and just feel a huge emotional melt down coming on.


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20 meter circle of life said...

I am just now caught up on your blog! Sorry about the possible movem that really bites, but you do what ya gotta do.
Your horses are lovely.
The post on the Round up was my fave so far. See my Grandfather had the Hamley folks build him a saddle back in the 1940's it was 35.00. We have the original reciept, he had to make payments!. Anyway that saddle is still in use today. We all grew up riding it,now the great grandkids etc are enjoying it. It was bought for my mother, and i wont tell you how old she is but she graduated Hi school in 1964...It was her first saddle!! I keep hoping it will end up at my house as a decorator piece! not holding breath..I may come to your show as I need to get a feel for these rail classes I am soon to embark on!!
Have a great day