Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Bluski aka Shocking Blulace

This will be a post about Blu. She is 9 years old, Russian 3/4 Arabian 1/4 Saddlebred. She was to be my replacement horse for when I sold Star. I wanted to compete in the Ay-Rhab "A" circuit with my barn friends and knew Arabians were stellar trail mounts.

This is My friend Denise in March of 2006 when we went to go look at Blu. I had just had surgery so Denise rode her for me. Blu was such a sweetie, and had a great work ethic, if I could have put her in my Honda I would have brought her home then.

When we went to go pick her up her new Dad ( Shawn) was upset that her owner was being so harsh to get her in the trailer. He said as soon as we pulled out, he said a few choice words about how she was treated and that was to never happen again under our ownership.
He stopped at DQ on the way home to feed the entire crew that came along, but Shawn stayed in the parking lot with our very nervous baby, talking and soothing her while her new Momma was getting a burger. everyone say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

This is my is my very good friend Toni on Blu, posing for pictures. This is a short 6 months after we brought her home. What a difference!

This is July 2007, it was a horse show for an Equine rescue called S.A.F.E. This was the " other half" lead line class. We did so good, but came in 2nd to Ashley, we got sooooooooooo robbed. We totally deserved to win, but it was for charity.. Charity Schmarity, I wanted that Blue Ribbon. Her and I did win the Blue Ribbon in the Bribe Your Horse Race. We were the fastest by FAR the ring steward said. I screamed when they called out our name as winners !

This is August 2007, we took 6 horse and riders to the Long Beach , WA peninsula for the weekend. Blu was the best behaved and the bravest one in the bunch. She was the only one who went willingly into the surf, then was having fun chasing the flocks of sea birds, she wold see them and then just lunge towards them and watch them scatter. She is just a hoot.

She had a trailer incident, and it was a very scary ride on the way home for both of us. We call it the HAY BAG OF DEATH incident of 2007. IF you have never taken your horse to the beach with your Friends it is a once in a lifetime experience, it was the best time I have ever had bar none, and look forward to the next time.

Here is Blu today, she is for sale. This is her Dreamhorse photo with Teacher Deb. Why is she for sale? Lots of reasons, She needs to keep busy, and a job. She doesn't think WTC to the left and WTC to the right is any fun whatsoever. She will however Climb hills, dirt mounds, traverse any terrain, and if she doesn't sell.... She is going to be my Cowboy Mounted shooting partner. She can HAUL A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and her canter is so smooth you think she is flying. Her ground manners are impeccable, and maybe we could do showmanship at the Ay-rhab shows too someday, just for fun.

That is my post about the Bluski, Blu-Berry, the Ay-Rhab, Shawn's **** MARE, when she is bad, I just love this goofy horse too. She is so sweet and very personable, loves scream to her mare frens, and hates anything peppermint. She will drink Pepsi straight out of a cup, and thinks I live to love her.
I do..............


Sharon said...

What a beautiful horse! Hey, Jocelyn, I would love for you to start another blog about your every day life with your family, hubby, kids, job, groceries, housework, etc. Would you be interested in starting one????

Hugs, Sharon

jennifer said...

I am sorry that you are having to sell her but I think that the love that you have shown her since you came to own her has made her a better horse... someone will benefit from that when they buy her.

She really is gorgeous!! I imagine she will sell fast.

And your husband sounds like a Peach!

Meg said...

Hello sweetie! Love your blog and your paint...OMG! I am a black and white paint fanatic. I am with Sharon, I would love to hear about your everyday life too. I have to catch up on all your posts now.

Hugs from the Hill Country in Texas!

jennifer said...

I have to tell you something funny... My husband did not realize that USC had lost. He has been ranting about WHY aren't they (the sports dudes) talking about them losing. We figured out that it was Oregon and then something clicked. I read through my comments and found your "winning joy" and the score. LOL! I lost out in my opportunity to tell him that it was SO yesterday. As in THURSDAY! I am such an airhead.


My Tide won tonight with much screaming and yelling at the TV by Hubby and I!

And you know I am a Beavers fan now after all of this! :)

Have a great weekend Jocelyn.