Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back home from Fair

The State fair is so much fun ! We always end our summers by going and having one last bit of fun before school starts.

Whats this? A Llama and Shawn?
This was a sweet Llama, Shawn tried with another Llama and well we had to slowly back away and leave the area. We Voted this Llama was on drugs.

Shawn got real close to this one, she was asleep so it doesn't count.

I think we may have found Stars missing family Link, this is why she can't be registered APHA and Only Pinto, there is always "one in the woodpile "

Ok, here is a picture of a Paint Stallion, he is drop dead gorgeous.

This is the QUILT they made of him, it was just amazing, over 11,000 little pixel type squares , pieced together by hand. Can you see the squares, they were less than an inch a piece ! Amazing!

Here is the quilt full size! I voted for it for People's Choice.!! It had already won many ribbons.

We also watched the Drill Teams, some were cool, most were lame. But we did get to see the 5 gaited Racking ASB's. What a rush ! Those are definitly Shawns favorites. HE loves the "steppers". Will update on Star tomorrow after I paint the bathroom, and move back into my office.

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Deborah said...

Shawn, I think that cute little llama is making eyes at you!