Friday, October 31, 2008

Seinfeld Post

This will be my Seinfeld post , a bunch of random stuff that I'm mulling over.

Tonight is Halloween. This means hoards of greedy minions knocking on my door for overpriced goodies. What happened to the days of Popcorn Balls?

OR Apples? What little kid didn't want a nice juicy HEALTHY apple? Freakin Hippy 1970's parents are the ones that did this, we knew who they were and avoided their house.

We knew who had the good stuff, and spread the word to other Trick or Treaters, avoid X house go straight to Y's house, Don't stop at A, go nextdoor to B. Simple and strategic for a bunch of 10 year olds in plastic costumes without flashlights.

Remember when we were guilted in to collecting money for UNICEF? How freakin lame is that? WE had to sell Pepperoni, magazines, Candy already. Hey Mister, thanks for the itty bitty mars bar, now can ya spare some change? No thanks. I was on a mission and pennies for 3rd world kids was not it.

Remember when you could go with friends and not have to have a parent with a flashlight, extra glow sticks and mace spray to accompany you on your treat wielding run for sugar high euphoria?

I sure do, my parents not once went with me, often I went alone or with a friend or two. I didn't have to have the candy police rummage through my vast treasure of popcorn balls and Chocolate bars. Then something happened. Society made us fearful, Bad people made us rethink our safety and something fun became the equivalent of OSHA for Kids. Nice.

Plastic Costumes went by the way side for Non Flammable material, not to exceed a certain length for fear of tripping in front of a car full of other kids and getting run over by the Mom with the mace. Masks with eye slits are replaced with Face paint, for God Forbid your kiddos peripheral vision could become obscured in the dark rainy night as they scurry up countless driveways and front stoops, this could become a lawsuit waiting to happen. Is your insurance updated folks? Homemade Candy is frowned upon and often thrown away and the preferred method of blood money is bagged commercial candy bites that you have to eat 20 of to get that high, but I digress.

Now let's get onto to manners. I will have to say most of the little ghosts have manners are so cute I wanna squeeze them till they pop. BUT... there are the select few little beggar ghosts( mostly demonspawn, I mean boys ages 9 to 12) that I want to grab and drag back to their Mace weilding Mom and remind them that just because you throw some stupid mask on, carry a glow stick, and brought your nasty little kid brother ghost with you, you do not get to be RUDE and demand more or a different kind more to your liking or BS me that you need more for your handicapped sister in the Mini Van. I gave you candy, you got what you came for, now say thank you and SCRAM and don't trip down my driveway on your way out. The cute tiny little 3 year old girl in the ladybug costume? I gush, and literally throw my whole bowl in her bucket.

We also bring all pets inside, no furry kid gets to go outside until morning. Hard and Fast rule. July 4th and Halloween, no exceptions. So every Ding Dong of the doorbell is met with a fervent tail wagging and joyful bark for the visitors from the resident Labrador.

Now, Im done ranting, I need to go scurry and buy enough candy for the little ghosts, and plan for Stars Halloween Costume for next year. She's going to love it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My little world just got rocked

Hello Blooger Peeps,

Today I received news that a very good friend of mine is getting a divorce. IT has literally shook my little world upside down. I can't think about anything else except wrapping my arms around her and giving her a big hug and telling her everything will be all right. I'll pray for her and her spouse, their respective families as divorce effects in a ripple motion.
I was divorced years ago, my first husband was an abuser of the worst kind, compulsive liar and a thief. I left him with two little kids ages 3 and 4 , while my ex was away at a meeting. I saved money for months, my parents wired me cash, I packed two little boys in my very old car and we got out of there in 20 minutes and I never ONCE looked back. When I crossed the State Lines I felt a sense of freedom I had never felt before. I was free from abuse, verbal abuse, embarrassment of having such a terrible spouse that I couldn't been seen with in public as he would drink and somehow inevitably humiliate me. I still carry the scars inside and outside.
But my life is Fairy Tale now, I have a perfect husband and perfect life. I take nothing for granted. I am so blessed and blissfully happy. Sounds too good to be true. Well, it's true, and as long as I don't horsie bankrupt us it will remain that way.

I wish and pray the same for my friend. I want her to know the joy of a true partnership, amazing love, support from friends, and the grace and love from our Father who will see her through it all and she will be victorious. I never care to know what happened and why, I just don't. It is not my business anyway. People talk, and there will be theories, I have mine, but I am sure I am wrong. :)
All I pray for is her peace, grace and gettin ON WITH gettin ON! Sha-ZAM!
I will be her friend , her biggest cheerleader, her shoulder if she ever needs me.
I will kick whoever's ass who remotely points a finger in her direction, or a whisper or remark I find offensive. Yep, Smother Mother that's me.
Pardon me Father for the ass remark, but that's how I feel today.
I have been getting and sending calls out to our little world, to process the news. I think my facial tonight will have to wait, a bottle of wine sounds more appropriate in this case. Maybe some good girl talk with my little world peeps.
Hug your Horse today, it always makes me feel better.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Star is a Star is a Star

Ok, here is the post I promised. Star and I went to our first A show/Pinto. This was only Stars 2nd show EVER, as the last show we went to she got some sort of virus and we had to scratch.

I like to make lists, and going to a show is no exception. I make long lists to make sure I don't forget anything. Heaven forbid I get to a show and have forgotten her bridle or something like that. Here is my list. I broke it down into sections. I know I am weird, but it makes my life easier.

See that barn clock? It is 0 dark'thirty, when I get to the barn Saturday morning. I had already been there 15 minutes when I took this pic. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

Eris the baby stud colt was not so happy about the sudden onset of the barn lights over his stall. Most of the ponies were laying down, but as soon as I throw on the lights they are all up and whinnying for breakfast. Sorry kids, I am not the food cart man today. They are not so thrilled that not only I woke them, but breakfast is still hours away.

But not for Princess, she gets the first of her two breakfast's today. A full Star is a compliant happy Star. Fill her belly and she'll give you anything you ask. Wow, she is like me more and more all the time. Who knew?

Ok, Friday night I spent hours and hours scrubbing her from forelock to tail, hoof to hoof, she was double blanketed, put her sleazy on and a tail bag. If there was such a thing as pony bubble wrap she would have had that too. She can find dirt and poo anywhere.

Next we wrap the legs, to protect them from harm while traveling, and protect them from poo and dirt at the show. She is sporting her new purple wraps that Aunt Denise bought us for my 40th birthday. Sweeeeet. So her blanket is green, sleazy is Blue, travel Halter is Pink, leg wraps purple. Some were saying that she was the poster child for the Gay Pride, and well I couldn't disagree. When i have the cash-ola all of her travel gear will match. Our show travel groom/1st aid bags are Hot pink, so at least they match.

It is almost 7 am, and we are wrapped and ready to roll. Star knew something was up as she is normally mellow, but this morning she was on alert for sure. Or maybe it was she didn't get to finish 1st breakfast?

We're off and rolling to the Equestrian Center, lucky for me this is only about 15 minutes. We will be showing at alot of Open Shows this year, it is just more economical and more folks from the barn can participate if we do more local shows than just all Breed shows.

What's this? 2nd Breakfast? IN a hot Pink Camo Hay Bag? Yep, I do this on purpose, so I know what belongs to ME and the Mares. If I buy all black, it can get mixed up with others stuff, Hot Pink Camo? Not likely... I know screams Gay Pride as well.

Bling ( aka Bling Bling Gal) was the first to show on Saturday, my class wasn't until Sunday. Isn't she gorgeous? She got Grand Champion and Reserve Champion 4 and under Mares. Yipeeeee.
Deb does such a great job with training our horses. They rarely get less than 3rd, when she is the handler/rider.

Standing for her inspection from the judges. It was a 4 judge show, so she placed on top with all 4. How cool is that? Shania is going to have a Amazing All around Mare when Bling Bling Gets under saddle. I will also have a peep to go to Pinto Shows with. Since only Bling and Star are registered Pinto in the barn.

Star and I go on Sunday first class at 8 am, we are waiting our turn, not on deck, but on deck next to on deck.

I am so nervous, I want to throw up and go home. All the money, hard work, elbow grease somehow just went away and I wanted to do was l.e.a.v.e. and call it good. The gal who went in before as you can see below is a Supreme/Region of Honor World Champ and her horse is legendary and for he princely sum of 50K you can buy him, he is that good. OMG, I had to go in AFTER HER, not mentioning that the jacket I am wearing is her hand me down I bought. I am not feeling the ju ju, and I am about to faint.

Well, this is us on deck, and about to go. I tanked it , honestly I just went blank and lost my mojo. Going in after Heidi sealed my confidence melt-down for sure. I bombed the inspection, Star wasn't listening because I was giving wrong cue's, etc.. All in all it was a very expensive learning experience. ouch... The class had about 20 in it, so I wasn't worried about placing, I didn't care, but I didn't count on losing my composure after so many hours of practicing.

This is us afterwards outside. I many many mistakes, but that is how I learn. I have never done showmanship, never competed in an A rated show, so I definitely took on a huge challenge for a horse that has only been back in my possession for a few months and has only been to one show before this. I set the bar rather high don't ya think? That's me. I rarely have competition nerves, I thrive on competition, if I am in my element, I was so far out of my element I felt as if I was on Mars. I promised myself that this year of turning 40 I was going to do everything I was too scared to do in my horse career. Showmanship was one of them. I am not defeated, just more determined than before.

See the corn stalks? The whole place was covered in Halloween decorations, Star walked through the lights, sounds, creatures, gravestones, like she had been there done that. Except for the Mini Horses. We walked by a stall with a mini in it, so you couldn't see it, then it started whinnying and she literally shook from head to tail. Like OMG, Mom there is a Pony Ghost in that stall ! So I let her look inside, she snorted and decided to keep going. IN the line up of our class a mini was right next to us who could have been her twin. She wasn't happy about that either, she kept one eye on that little critter the whole time.

This is a picture of the best behind in the barn, not mine :) Stars behind......She has booty for miles that girl. Deb was my show groom , food provider and moral support, so that was awesome, I never had that before. At shows I am a one girl show, I do it all myself. It was cool to have a friend helping. So everyone, it was a success, not a ribbon success but time well spent with my horse, my friend Deb, new friends I made at the show, and we learned alot about showing a stock horse, time management and pre-prep is KEY to keeping the nerves in check.
I love showing, I love the experience it provides me to be a better horsewoman, I love dressing up and having a beautiful mare as arm candy. Watch out for us in 2009!

Quick Post until I get home tonight

Star did great, me not so great. When did I lose my competition nerve? I am solid as a rock competitor, this was not my day I guess. There will be no Youtube video for your viewing pleasure. Will post the whole weekend tonight when I get home from work.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Idle Hooves are the Devil's Workshop

Well, last night was definitely proof that less is more. Less riding means more attitude.
Star and I have been practicing for Showmanship alot lately, and I have had an issue where riding is " uncomfortable", so we have not been focusing on saddle time as much.

That scenario reared it's ugly little head last night. We lunged, warmed up, she was quite calm, got in saddle, then there was:
Ear Pinning
Crow Hopping
General Nastiness
In that exact order. Was was being a total BEE-. So I hop off to do Ground Control.
Not Lame - Check
Not Back Sore- Check
Saddle or Bit not pinching- Check
Thinking she won because I got off- CHECK!
Well, out come the driving lines and about 35 minutes of WTC transitions in small circles, bending shoulder in, side pass both ways down the wall..
Attitude Adjustment- CHECK CHECK CHECK
I do not prefer to fight with any horse in the saddle, but what I will do is make them work in other ways, then get back on and regroup. The day will end with saddle time, no matter what!
So, I got back on and boy was she stiff, head to the rafters, general mare-i-tude. So we did bending, lots of it, circles, lots of those, posting trot until she could go both directions at a cadence that was pretty. She wasn't even sweaty but we called it a night. I WIN....
Both of these mares will make me the most excellent rider, learning from them has sure been an amazing journey. Too bad our insurance doesnt pay for the Chiropractor anymore....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why do I do this to myself?

Got taken to a steakhouse for a belated birthday dinner by Buzz the Guy who lives the Love Shack in my Driveway.
So I decide on Outback, as I was not in the mood to go downtown. The server forgot about us for a very long time, so the manager became our server and we got a free appetizer.

Oh, this would be the Cheesy Fries. Ranked the WORST FOOD, by several publications. I have never had them, probably won't again. So, good yet sooooo bad.

All for myself, as the guys ordered the Bloomin Onion.
Then I ordered the Prime Rib, Medium, what I got was cold and raw, so back it went. Got it back overdone, but still eatable. I was getting full so I saved it for Logen, along with the rest of my fries.

Then the topper was the Carrot Cake sans raisins. Yipee, I hate raisins in food, I like them out of the box, not in my plate. yuck.

At this point I can barely breathe or move.It actually hurts to move... awesome.

So, then we head to Wal-Mart for supplies. Coconut Smelling Cheap Shampoo and Conditioner for Star, expensive conditioner for Mamma, Silver Polish for her show halter, Baby Wipes for ear and muzzle clean up at the show. I had a list, I stuck to it, and got outta there for less than $20 bucks.

Once again.. awesome....

Today I am miserable, still reeling from the after effects of carbo loading....

It was totally worth it, but why do I forget how this feels until the next time?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There is a rat in France

Everyone knows that horses have this crazy ability to go lame when they hear certain 4 letter words.
I know she heard " show" and " work" and is about to hear "sell".
My horse is not lame , she is cranky. I mean CRANK****Y. She is usually pretty tolerable with the ear clipping, not so much tonight. We tried practicing with the stud chain under her chin, she thought it was Satan's chain and did her best to remove it from her face. She was a complete DOLT at practice, decides that walking, backing, standing straight was just wayyyy to much effort. She is an over anticipatory mare, so we now have to work on patience. She even thinks she knows what the next move is, she is half way there before I can correct the behavior. Then I get the " one eye" look from her.. I couldn't ride tonight because once again I forgot to change into my barn boots. Can't ride in my work shoes !
So we lunge and lunge alot, thinking that tired Star would be Compliant Star. Uh not so much.
So tomorrow we try again to fix my clipper errors, get the ears done and go for a long long long ride. Why do I do this to myself? The endless lists of stuff to prepare and bring, pressure, money, work, to get in the show ring for 5 minutes? I don't know, I think it is hard wired in me somewhere, that I just can't resist the show ring bug..
It's like cleaning house, INVITE people over and you are forced to clean Pay for your entry fees and you are forced to get your horse clean. HA!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip for two

This year for our Anniversary we went to our condo at the Oregon Coast. We don't get to go there much, but it so great and we love it when we do get to go.

We happen to be driving South towards Eugene, and we saw what looked like people going in to a sea cave. Being the recovering Skeerdy Cat, I told Shawn that we should give it a whirl.
So we climbed down this hill.

That was so steep but there were folks my parents age doing it too ! Can't be outdone by the Baby Boomers!

The so called cave in on my right, it was not a cave, but it was still fun to go adventuring.

It was like a secret cove, there were a lot of people that thought the same thing as well. It was crowded with mostly older folks!

Then we went to Devils Churn State Park. It is a natural cave that sets waaay back, so when the waves come in , it churns the water and then spits it back out. Also a very crowded and popular tourist spot.
What most folks come for are the tide pools. Some of the most beautiful tide pools on Earth. I could look at them all day, but the tide WAS coming IN, so we had to act fast.

This poor little star fish was clinging on for dear life on the cave wall. reminds me of the Starfish in Finding Nemo.
" Happy Place" " Happy Place"

The pool water washed back for about three seconds and I was able to get this amazing photo.
Too bad the weather wasn't nicer. I think my photos would have turned out clearer.

Shawn is literally standing on the precipice of the edge. He wanted his picture taken with a big wave coming in, we took several but this was the best one.

Next stop. Heceta Head Lighthouse State Park and Historical site. We did the tour, and it was so educational and insightful. Those Light keepers worked so hard, for very little, and just total isolation in the Winter. Not sure if I love Shawn enough for that lifestyle !

This is inside the light itself. IT is beautiful and to me it's art and irreplaceable as American History. One of the glass lenses was broken during a cleaning and the cost to get it replaced was in the thousands. THey had to wait for low tide to take their wagons along the beach to get to civilazation for supplies. All the building supplies came in by boat and unloaded on the beack and brought UP the hill by Mules. I mean UP, the beach is way below and light house is straight up the ridge.

This is one of the caretakers homes. This is the style of home I want someday with the big front porch, white paint, lots of windows, picket fence... You get the idea.

Our final stop was in Eugene, to see Jack and Beth. It has been a year since Mitch and Margaret brought them home from Thailand. I just love these kids, they are so fun, full of energy and loving. We brought them Salt Water Taffy, not sure how much their Mom and Dad appreciated it.
We had a fabulous Anniversary weekend, it was so great to spend time alone with Shawn doing what we both love doing, being in nature, learning from history, picture taking, and visiting friends. It just doesn't get any better than that! We ate at great restaurants, had good converstations, and truly looked back on our five years of marriage as " gone by too fast".
Hug your spouse today and don't take one day for granted.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cemetery Tour of 1996

ok, here is a blast from the past.
In the summer of 1996, I was newly divorced, my kids were on a visit to their Dad for the summer, so my Mom sent me to my Aunt Zabettes house in Missouri for a few weeks.

Background: Aunt Z is the family genealogist , seeker of adventure, truth, cemetery plots of family members and master of a map and thrift spending. SO with that said, what awaited me upon my arrival was nothing short of what we call:

The Great Cemetery Tour of 1996

5 states in 5 days

This is Aunt Z, she and her kids were here this summer for a family reunion. I however got the ol' UNINVITE, but hey I'll save that for my therapist.

So, we start out just me and Aunt Z in her old American Made Sedan which had seen it's better days, and the A/C was lame. In August in Missouri that was not so great, but we managed. We ate in the car, slept in cheap hotels, drank cokes, from dawn to dusk our itinerary was laid out in perfect notations on scratch paper, coffee stained maps and photocopied library materials.
So, then we picked up Jill at a Train Station in BFE, and she was our backseat sidekick. Our Quest? To uncover any and all grave sites, find land owned by our families, secure the lineage of the Calhoun's/Fry's for future generations to come by any means necessary, which could include but not limited to Hefty Bag outerwear, Skeeter Spray, Chigger Cream and a Wire Brush in one hand and cigarette in another. This was going to be the trip of a lifetime.

At one point we ended up in a State I don't remember, we saw several in a weeks time. Aunt Z had this hand drawn MAP, of a Pioneer Cemetery. See picture above. All the while not realizing that this was private land , not public. This was to be our MECCA , the brass ring, the Holy Grail of Granite Headstones. One problem? The owner , would he give us permission to trespass?

Yes he did, he was great. He provided us with Hefty bags to keep us dry, because we had an unexpected summer storm, gave us skeeter spray, and then he went inside and got his gun.

Uh.. Gun? Yeah, he was terrified of snakes, and took it with him in the fields. All righty. So, by this time Jill and I are soaked, cranky, hungry, and it is a looooong walk to the "back 80". But it was true, the cemetery looked exactly like this picture!

So here were in our Hefty Bags and Chigger Cream, total stranger with a gun, and about to head out into a back forested pasture, with a stranger with a gun...

He loved having his picture taken with two cute girls, he was quite the gentleman and a most excellent tour guide.

Can Stealing a Melon make you a Felon? Yes, Yes it can. They have signs to prove it, we actually parked under said sign while a member of our crew jacked a ripe melon out of a field. We were wondering what was taking so long.. She was FLIPPING/THUMPING them to get a ripe one. While we appreciated her mad thumping skills, we had to remind her that she needed to cut n run. We carved said liberated melon with only a mere pocket knife. It was the best sun ripened melon I have ever had.

So, this trip was to also full of many stops at historical buildings, museums and road markers.
My sisters did this trip with my Grandma,they followed the Oregon Trail. So I guess it is genetic after all this History/Dead People deal. We visted cemeteries that were behind coal factories, behind people's homes, on dead end roads with nothing but an old wood sign that said PIONEER CEMETERY. I swear she brought Jill and I , just so she could find the stones faster, 6 legs and 6 eyes are better than 2. :) ha

Ok, now were are back at said cheap motel, clean, and ready to continue with Aunt Z's killer daily itinerary. Thank Goodness for Coke, Smokes and Gas Station Food, not sure how we survived really. I think we paid less than 30 bucks for a double room!

Aunt Z stopped allowed me to put my feet in the mighty Mississippi while in the background on of these was going past. An extremely cool moment, but I had to wash my feet soon after and this was before the invention of hand sanitizer. ha ha

Last Stop:
Chicago, to drop off Jill. She was still a model and needed to get back to work.
Her loft was right across from the Chicago Genealogy Library Building. Thank goodness for me were there at night and directly leaving, so I dodged that bullet I tell ya. !
So, we drove back to Aunt Z's hometown, and I went home two days later. It was fun, hot, sweaty, exciting and educational all at the same time.
I would do it again tomorrow, but a few things would change. Newer better bigger car with A/C, my plug in cooler with food, a better camera, more cash-ola, and I would bring my Mom.
Maybe next year!!! I'll bring my pick up and Camper!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first Horse

My cousin Jill sent me these for my birthday. It was the best present I received. I didn't know she had them! This was the horse I got from my Dad on August 12Th, 1980. Her name was Muffett. She was Quarter Horse and Arab cross. She was amazing, she could jump any jump, spook proof, she never once bucked me off, I rode her in traffic, water,my backyard, everywhere a 12 year old wanted to go. I didn't have anyone to show me how to properly take care of her, so I did many many things wrong. But she was forgiving and kind and put up with so so much!

She was only 15 hands tall, didn't have much of a motor,we never won one race, but boy she could jump anything I set up. I wish I had her now.

I have a soft spot for greys. She always came to me in the pasture, I never had to chase her to be caught. I rode bareback most of the time. She was in a self care barn so every morning and evening I rode my bike to her barn to take care of her. I did this for years..... Often staying well past dark and my folks having to come find me and remind me to come home.

I lived and breathed this horse. We moved to California and unbeknown to me, my parents had given her away before we left. I kept asking about her coming to California, and then someone other than my parents told me she had been given away. It was heartbreaking and it was at that time unforgivable.
I never knew where she ended up, or was ever given updates. It was awful. I had to leave my home, my friends that I had grown up with since age 3, and the final blow was that my horse was NOT COMING. So, know you all know why I get so emotionally attached to my horses. I'll never be a " horse lady", but I do know I'll always have one or two of my own until the day I leave this Earth. Here are a couple of quotes that speak volumes to me.

My horse's feet are as swift as rolling thunder
He carries me away from all my fears
And when the world threatens to fall asunder
His mane is there to wipe away my tears.~Bonnie Lewis

The daughter who won't lift a finger in the house is the same child who cycles madly off in the pouring rain to spend all morning mucking out a stable. ~Samantha Armstrong

A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. ~Pam Brown

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What 40 looks like

Yep, this is the face of a 40 year old, Wife, Mother, Aunt, Friend, Coach, Daughter and Equestrian. I took this with my new PINK NIKON digital camera. Schaaa-Weet !

I am offically into my 40's as of today. No Trumpets, No angels, No clouds parting and voices singing. Just a normal day.. Like every other day. Rode my horse, got a gift from a friend, a CD from my son, and a lasagna in the oven from my sweetie. Fabulous and Quiet just the way I like it.


50 Plates, WOF and turning 40

My Day started here. 6 am.. Coffee and out to breakfast.

It was awesome, what an awesome God we have! I bought the T-Shirt !
We had great seats, great worship,laughs, tears, joy and music was amazing!

This is the restaurant we went to last night for my 40th !

The Chef brought me this !
The Cupcake was RED VELVET !!! WOWZA!

And this! It was a sample of something called Bayou.. IT has Huge Shrimp, Scallops, Cajun Spices, it was amazingly scrumptious. Everyone at the table got one too.

This is Heather and Joel our friends. Heather and I were practically dressed the same, we have always called ourselves the Wonder Twins, but this was crazy !

This how the night ended, lots of food, fun, calories, drinks, little sleep and not so crazy about being 40 twist of depression.

Well, it was a whirlwind day, my birthday is actually TODAY, so I am going to take more pics, and show you how I spent the 1 st day of the " new 30's" , with my new PINK Nikon Camera.

I love it ! I also got a new Pink Gym bag, a Coffee table book about horses , CD's, Purple stuff for my horse, and new sparkly number holders for the horse show. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Heather and I are going for a trail ride today, it was the only thing I wanted to do today, so I am making her come with me!

Friday, October 10, 2008

5 years ago

Can you guess what I am going to share ?
It starts in a Chapel, a perfect White Chapel... awwwwww
It has beautiful flowers

A 4 tier amazing cake.
A Bride and Groom

A beautiful summer day
My Mom and Dad and all your FRIENDS!
You Guessed it! My wedding to Shawn in 2003. It was the most fabulous Day of my life .