Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a gorgeous day

Shawn and I drove the two hours to Eugene yesterday to visit friends and go to dinner. We had not seen them since early November!
Her is Mr. P talking to our eldest in Oklahoma who has recently joined the Army reserve.
You know.. making sure he didn't let the recruiters BS him or take advantage.

This is our poor mans picnic basket. Yogi would have liked it WT or not!
I need to go buy one, but I always take ALOT of food and accessories, so most traditional ones are way too small! So we had Tuna, chips. carrots, apples and drinks. Plates, silverware, towel for table, cups you know all the usual. I absolutely love picnics. Any excuse for a picnic I am there!
Shawn and I prefer to take our own food when we travel, so I have got it down pat how to pack " the picnic box". ha ha.
Sometimes I don't have time to fix our lunch, but for the most part I really do try and take a

" box-o-food" when we go for day trips, or on the way to the condo since its like 4 hours in the car. I have a plug in cooler, but it is HUGE, that for when we have the kiddos with us! That plug in cooler is the best gift we have ever recieved. We use it all the time..
Yep, this is me, no make up.. I am wearing my western shirt with the Black and White bucking broncs all over it. My Homage to Star :)

We play a fun game of " I would look good in that" ..
This was my pick of the day. MEOW.............

OK, Mr. P is so nice. When we got to our spot I had to first thing run to the potty. It was a jaunt I tell ya when you really have to go! When I got back Shawn had already set the table, dished up our plates, and was ready to eat. Wasn't that nice? We were both getting " hangry" Hungry + Angry = hangry. He was patiently waiting for me to return. I don't think we even said much during lunch as it was a LATE lunch...

Here is a close up of what a happy tummy looks like :)

This was really funny. At our friends house, the kids had made these BIRD feeders out of milk cartons, p-butter, bird seed etc. All of a sudden I look outside and see nothing but a milk carton going up the tree. weird.... Then we realize that the squirrel had snagged it and took off with it, and was hoping for one last bit of p-butter. He worked that carton for like 30 minutes, just hoping for one little scrap.

We always bring the kiddos candy, gifts etc.. This time it was just candy. They always go right to Shawn to get them open. Shawn always has to do a taste test for " safety purposes" first.
Jack was like " Ok Uncle Shawn" so sweet. But I knew better.. So I yanked it out of his hands and gave it back to Jack. Bad Bad Uncle Shawn.
Uncle Shawn will you open dis for me? Lucky for Jack, Shawn doesn't like Skittles...

Here is Jack he is 4. He says that A LOT.
He is such a ham ,loves to play cars and Rally X video games. He is all about go go go.

This is Beth. She's been on my blog before. Her Dad cut her some bangs, they are awful. It must have been an issue because I didn't much more info about it than that ;) ha ha.
She loves anything Disney Princess. A year and a half ago, they didn't speak English, had no clue about the Wonderful World Of Disney, video games, Skittles, M n M's. My what along way they have come! She now is a horse fanatic, thanks to you know who..... :)

We took the kids to the G- parents and went out for adults only dinner. It was nice to have dinner company as it is usually just Shawn and I alone. What a long day, but the weather was so nice and the kids are so happy to see us! It's probably the candy....


Kristina P. said...

I haven't been on a picnic in so long! That sounds awesome. Unfortunately, it's freezing right now!

gtyyup said...

What a nice day!! Even a picnic?!? Didn't look 75 degrees, but it looked a lot warmer than here!

Cute lil' ones...glad you had a great time.

jennifer said...

The photos were wonderful. I like the car game. My husband always says "I wish that I had that car and he had a feather up his butt. Then we'd both be tickled."

I probably shouldn't have shared that. I really hate that phrase.

Kathi said...

Jocelyn, What a fun day. Thank you for taking me along for the ride. I love picnic lunches. We pack our own food most of the time too. The car game was cute too. Happy week to you dear. Kathi

An American's Observations said...

I will put in a plug for the restaurant that we ate at. It is a place called "Mookies" at 1507 Centennial St in Springfield, Oregon owned by Chef Randy "Mookie" Hollister. Former Excutive Chef of the Oregon Electric Station and the Picillo restaurant at the Downton Athletic Club. I use to be one of his cooks so I am a little bias.

Sharon said...

That looks like so much fun Jocelyn! I love your style of picnic basket. I finally bought a cute vintage one that is really big, but it still doesn't hold everything. Hahahaha.....hangry, I love it!!!!

:0) Sharon