Tuesday, January 13, 2009

100th Post and a GIVE AWAY!

I mistyped ladies......... Drawing is tonight. Sorry BBFF.
I am going to let Star pick tonight ;) Stay tuned!


Blogger Peeps hold on to your saddlebags. This is going to be awesome.
This is my 100Th POST ! yipeeeeeeee.

Now I am going to do a killer give -away which is a secret, but will most likely include something horsey, sweet, something from Goodwill and of course Lip Gloss. I am going to call it
" What Star would buy if she got a hold of my Credit Card"

Now if you want to be part of my 100Th post extravaganza and Give-AWAY, post a comment and tell me how incredibly fabulous you think Star and I are and I'll put your name in a hat. If you are especially kind I will maybe put it in twice. ;)

Oh and the drawing will be held Thursday... FYI :)


Heather said...

Okay me first...as I am your BBFF and have an in...

Star is a mess...she is so messy and stubborn..oh wait I'm supposed to say something nice..

Uh...crap...uh...I LOVE YOUR CHEF HAT and I think it would look cute on Star too :-)

Love ya sista...and remember who lives closest to the barn.

Jocelyn said...

OH BBFF.. Failed on the something nice.. :(

Kristina P. said...

I think you're amazingly fabulous!

20 meter circle of life said...

OHHH let me weigh in here!! I think that JP1 and Mizz Star are rock stars and I think they should only ever get BIG BLUE RIBBONS and Blinged out tack. I have a plan for your Chef hat that will make it the Fashionita "must have" item of spring 09, in fact after I am done with that hat I am sure it will be seen on runways every where!! No seriously I think you are both totally wonderful perfect!!

Heather said...

I'd do ya! If I was into that kind of thing...

How's that?


Marilyn said...

Congratulations on the whole 100 thing : )

I love your blog!

Toia said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!! You have officially hit a milestone!!

One of my friend (and co-worker)love any and everything horsey. So, I must admit, if I were to win, I would pass it on to her.

Once again.....Congratulations!!

Jocelyn said...

My Gf Terra gets a name in the hat as she emailed me how fab I am , and well she is a Oscar Winning Azz Kizzer.

Maybe she'll go in twice...

gtyyup said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!! Cheers to doing another 100!

You and Star look great together...I can't wait for spring/summer to get here to really see you two in action again!

Holly Lane said...

I just found your blog and I am super excited. Paint horses. I have one too! I will be reading some of your old posts tonight for sure! Congrats on your 100th, mine is Friday!

Mrs Mom said...


*I* think that Mizz Fab Star would buy a Secret Spanker. That way, when you poke her with your blinged out hoof pick for her trying to cowkick you, she could whip out the Secret Mommy Spanker and get even! (Bet she'd hide it under that lovely long tail of hers!!)

Congrats girl, on the 100 mark! Looking forward to seeing you reach many, many more 100's here ;) JP1, my Dahhhling pal, tells me that even though we three are far far apart, we would all be one mean bunch to "mess with" ;)

Oh- and Star says she would like:
Twinkle Toes
Cowboy Magic Detangler
Regular massage, please
Heated/ AC pedicure stall please,
Not to mention:
gourmet carrots, served up to her by a mega stud muffin at her will...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh....So this is what you meant by 'sign up'. I was thinking I was in some kind of serious trouble, so I ran over here quick! lol!

Congrats on your 100th post!! Woot, Woot!
And since I'm 100 yrs old, I should be especially lucky right? (Do you know I just had to go back and fix the word 'lucky'. Yep. I spelled it "Licky". Nice, huh?)

Hmmm, come to think of it. Maybe the cadaver they pulled my ACL ligament from was 100 yrs old? Maybe that's why I still can't walk a week post-op. Verra interesting.....

Oh wait! Were talking 100th post right?
And I'm supposed to say something totally wonderful about you and Star. I can do THAT!

Since we are paint horse sisters, you know I'm loving Star. She's one bling bling, chrome covered beauty that girl.

And as for you, you know that my previous comment I left for you showered you with compliments, especially since you make one GORGEOUS drunk! hehe
Truly, you are one serious hottie, girlfriend!

Can you just imagine the two of us riding our pretty paint mares together. ALL heads would be turning towards us! :D
We'd be living in a fishbowl for sure!

Ok.....how's that?
Am I done now?
Hmmm.....I think so. Now I must sit here a while and ponder the age and athleticsm of the cadaver that my ACL came from......


Heather said...

Is it time yet? I'm dieing to know!

Annoying BBFF

Sharon said...

Oh how fun! Congratulations on your 100th post! I would love to have my name in the hat and would love to win prizes, but if some are horse products and I don't have a horse, I think I would donate them back to you (more incentive for you to pick me!!!).

Have a great evening!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Am I too late? Did I miss the drawing? I hope not.

To make-up for my tardiness, I will say that you are one fan-tabulous blogger and bring my appreciation for all things equine to a much higher level. You also encourage me not to drink too much. :)

How did I do?


XoXo Meg! said...

Congrats on your 100th post!! Woot! Woot! (Standing up clapping now!)

Doing the happy dance for you AND your winner!!!

Jocelyn said...

Wow, you ladies are first rate skirt blowers.

It's amazing what one will say for super fabulous prizes!

Anonymous said...

Better late than never . . . see, I had to think on it because blogger would never let me post everything awesome I have to say about you and Star!

I think Star is one super cutie and is the best paint in the state or at the very least, in Gresham! Yeah, you heard me (insert name of paint barn up the road from my barn with awesome paints, but none as awesome as Star). And as for you . . . well, I have yet to see the bling and I want to see it! Let's check it out! Even without bling you are super funny gal whose blog always makes my day! I do wish you'd post more though. Don't you have a lunch break or something?

Oh, and congrats on your No. 100!

Heather said...

Oh My God...is it time yet...I'm seriously dieing...is it me, is it me? Star cheats....Oh but if I get to the barn before you and feed her treat after treat she'll have to pick me. Right?

Jocelyn said...

BBFF: Listen cupcake, i would love for it to be you, I really would..

BUT, you can't coerce the selection committee.

For Pete's sake did I not buy you enough for Christmas?

20 meter circle of life said...

OH I am all a twitter!!

Flying Lily said...

Am I too late?? I am Star's biggest fan and I think she has the most gorgeous horse-butt in the universe. Oh and yes, that chef hat on the bridge? Bellissima!!

An American's Observations said...

Don't be fooled ladies...even though I am not privy to the prise or know what it is...it is probably some pepperment or apple flavored horse treats.