Tuesday, January 20, 2009

for Pete's sake

Friday: Went to running store and got fitted for cool new running shooz.

Saturday: was to be the start of me running/training to prepare for the Shamrock Run in March. I did well for a non- athlete type. Walked 5 ran 5, walked 10 ran 10, etc.. I was so proud of myself!

Sunday: Fell out of hubby's big truck, my pant leg got caught on the seat tracks and tweaked my knee. Ouch, pain pain pain. Ice and Ibuprofen for rest of afternoon.

Monday: Bruise , hot poker pain and general swelling

Tuesday: Will have to start over and frankly I am not excited about it.

My clumsiness is well known, this is not a surprise. The fact I stay on top of my horse is well..
Good Times.


Kristina P. said...

Oh no! I hope you heal up quickly.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gak!! When I saw that you had fallen, the first thing I thought was 'please don't let it be her knee!" My PT said that one of her patients tore her ACL by tripping in an airline seat aisle. Gosh it seems it happen so easily.

I hope your knee is ok today. I'm so sorry you got hurt and it's setting you back a bit.

I was so upset today while doing PT. Just seeing how far I have to go and how far behind I am, made me so dissapointed.

2008 was my year. I was in great shape and had lost 27 pounds. I was riding at least once a week and felt great. It took a year to build up my muscles and strength.

And in just 4 weeks of being laid up, all of that year was lost. Totally bummed me out. :(

You must be in great shape to be able to run 5-10 miles just starting back out. Awesome! I hope you do well and are very successful and meet your goals for that March Marathon.

You go girl!!


Jocelyn said...

27 pounds! Awesome, I have lost almost 50...

NOT 5 10 miles.. it's minutes, not miles.

I wish! That would be awesome...

No tree on our house yet, but it is still leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaning.

gtyyup said...

Some days are just like that...but it's just supposed to be for the day...not the week!!! ;~)

My Man tends to be the same way...he's always bashing himself in some way or another...just take it slow and easy...

jennifer said...

Bless your heart. I hope your knee heals quickly.

I linked to you in a post earlier this week called French Maid. Now how does THAT make you feel?