Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Prayer and then some Drill

Well, here are a couple of pics from Drill practice. This is the shot of me giving my fan section the thumbs up and the all go. At this point all I want is for her to behave and act nice. I prayed for Jesus to give me the patience to take whatever happened in stride and not get discouraged if she was naughty. I really did this I am not joking.
Yes, she is wearing her Super Sonic Speed Hot Pink Cheetah Wraps. Sha Zam. They however were not working that night for some reason. They were more like Super Slow This is so beneath me Hot Pink Cheetah Wraps.

I am not sure what this maneuver was exactly. However , she had her ears forward and was moving off my leg and seat. She can spin on a dime when she wants, or she can take a country mile to turn if she is so inclined. I truly believe once she gets into the groove of it, she'll enjoy it. It's a challenge, and for a horse like her it's what keeps her happy and sane.
Oh we ROCKED IT! Yes we did!!! For a first time horse and rider, we did great. She had her " you are in my 5 foot personal space bubble" issues at first but settled down after awhile. I can't put into words how smart she is, someday I'll post a video of it. :)
We are going to RULE....

The Chiro came out this morning and she was a bit off, but mostly shoulder area from her fall.
She is also a saddle fitter and she proceeded to tell me that my new saddle in pinching the crap-ola out of her and pounding her withers and it is the answer to my mystery of her sudden change of behavior. From relaxed and willing, turn and burn at the canter, ears forward sweet girl, to cranky, shifty, bucking and rearing big B. The coolest thing about Star is that she tells me if she has an issue. There is no guess and then KABAM you are a lawn dart. She gives plenty of warning, and if I don't listen she yells louder. I love that about her.
So off to shop for a new saddle!


Heather said...

Who's your photog...fab pix.


Jocelyn said...

my Photog is my BBFF. Who should keep her day job. :)

Not that I am not appreciative...

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am having saddle troubles too. Seems like saddles can cause so much pain and other problems when they don't sit right.

sall gate said...

Your horse looks so handsome.
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jennifer said...

I have prayed over my kids having bowel movements or asking Him to make them STOP having a sick tummy. You can take ANYTHING to him in prayer :)

Glad that you had a successful... ride? Training session?

I am such a duh when it comes to horses.

Best, Punchy! said...

Okay, HOW FUN! I take my hat off to the both of you, you look fabulous! I can't wait to see what you buy saddle wise!

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