Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goals for 2009 and BEYOND !

Here is my bucket list for 2009.

1. Go to church more and get in touch with my relationship with Our Lord and Saviour.

2. Make hard decisions about my horse situation and re-evaluate my dreams.

3. Do more non-horsey things with Shawn , take a valued interest in what he likes to do.

4. Get my house painted inside and out. Actually pick a color for the outside and stick with it.

5. Get back to the gym and back on a diet and lose that last 35.

6. Find a new job.

7. Sell all my crap on EBAY, have a huge garage sale, de clutter my life. This will be Shawns hardest. :)

8. Remember I am only human and can not be in control of everything. This will be Jp's hardest.

9. Take my TSFL business to the level of financial freedom.

10. Year of No Fear. Ride that darn horse, and stop thinking about it so much and just do it. Every ride doesn't have to be perfect or a lesson or some training session, just enjoy being in the saddle for Pete's sake!


Kristina P. said...

These all sound great! I hope you accomplish each and every one of them.

20 meter circle of life said...

Awesome!!! what a great list!! But I am busy the weekends you are painting!!

XoXo Punchy! said...

What a wonderful list! I am off to do mine...you totally inspired me!


Jocelyn said...

AS I am sure you are busy the weekends I will be painting, but I am most positive you will not be busy the weekend of the NW Horse Expo in March????

Tracey said...

Oooo, a bucket list! I can relate to several of those; particularly the paining. I started painting my living room five years ago and it's still not done.

gtyyup said...

You're going to be one busy girl!! It's a great list!

I'm right with you on the painting thing. We've put off doing the outside of the house for 2 years...can't go any further!

I've got the colors picked out for the living room and master bedroom...just gotta get'er done!

An American's Observations said...
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An American's Observations said...

#3 Do you Scuba?

jennifer said...

I don't have a horse so some of your resolutions wouldn't work for me. But I am with you on the weight (wish that I were committed enough that we could work on it together - I would just bring you down).

And we definitely share the same Lord and Savior!! I can work on the first one with you for sure because I need to be better about church as well.

Are you OK from your bite this week? Hope it wasn't too serious. Keep an eye on it!!!!

Jocelyn said...

MR AO: No I do not scuba. Nor will I ever after seeing the Honeymoon Bride sink to the bottom of the ocean. Steve Irwin, another shining example of scuba gone wrong.
But I will however like to learn to flyfish and ride dirtbikes :)