Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Blue Barrel and Yellow Hula Hoop of Death

Why is it that the infamous Blue barrels that Parelli thinks are a must have item to be a world class horse whisperer bring about such fear in my horse?
Let's not forget the Hula Hoops those are certainly a cause immediate triggers of panic and flee mechanisms in the mares psyche. These toys are the Barn Owners toys ( cones, hula hoops, you name it). She is a PP follower and I am not, but I try to mix things up a bit to stave off boredom of WTC in circles. The stuff is usually strewn all over the arena, so she has to get used to it sometime right? The Hula Hoop is going to be our biggest hurdle. How lame. You would think it was a python.

So, I couldn't get her to jump over the barrels more than once, but not ever again after that. She would however kick them with her legs like a soccer ball. Okay I'll take that. My Arabian Mare Blu would have LOVED this fun game, she would have jumped those barrels with eagerness, ears forward, tail set high, legs neatly tucked under and then come down the other side prancing and full of herself. With the Hula Hoop on her neck for giggles.
I miss that horse on days like this. But what alerted Star outside the open arena for like 2 minutes would have set Blu on a tailspin of losing focus and spent energy on being a " watcher" not a listener all day. So, it's a give and take.

Star is not a big spooker, but she will spook at the stupidest stuff and then give not a head/ear turn at something I would have bet MONEY ON she would just freak out about. like the SHOP VAC! Not even a 2nd glance. So frustrating.She is also not a big lick and chewer. It takes a long time and a lot of work for her to start. My Arabian mare, literally about 10 minutes and she was joining up. Stock vs. Arab. Gotta love m.
I am just frustrated at the moment, we/I/ME am stuck with what I want to do with this horse. Showing isnt a big favorite of mine, but I'll figure it out somehow. I want to do endurance but stock horses arent endurance horses. I love her, but I am not an arena girl.


brigjones said...

What about dressage for arena work? You two could be in learning mode for the next ten years. Then, trails the rest of the time? Any horse can do dressage, to a point, and it's great for the rider, too. A little jumping here and there? Just little ones?

I don't like arena work either, unless I'm reaching toward a goal. Otherwise, it just seems kinda dumb to ride around in circles.


20 meter circle of life said...

Why must you toture that aweet mare with your evil training tools..Poor baby she had better come stay with Auntie JP2 so I can take care of her!! Ya big mean mommie!!

Jocelyn said...

Brig- WE do dressage. When my trainer comes out that is all we focus on. But it is still WTC in an arena. We do flexing, shoulder in, all the arena exercise stuff.

Jumping? that would be wicked cool if Miss Thing was built better. :(

Jp2, ah yes my wicked evil training tools. The PP stuff is scattered everywhere in the arena so I try to put it to some use every once in awhile!I do not drink the kool aide! I will atually RIDE my horse and not spend two years thinking about it.