Sunday, January 25, 2009

We had a visitor!

I was so excited when I got the call when my friend T asked if she could come over and ride with me yesterday. She has Paisley at home without an arena and I board at a place where there are only three riders. Score for both of us.
Aren't they a cute pair? She is our blanket lady. She does the best job for the money in our area.
If anyone wants her name and # email me.

This is me on Paisley, I have never ridden her. Well, I was awful... No not awful.. HORRENDOUS. Poor Paisley what a good girl she was for having to deal with my serious lack of thigh ans seat control.
I was very sore from the previous days bucking, and then I hit my girlie parts on her pommel and well I started laughing and couldn't stop her. It was terrible. I was trying to ride without stirrups because I am a good 4 inches taller than T and being in her stirrups was like being a jockey.
So next time she offers to take down the stirrups I'll let her.
Good Lord in heaven it was just horrific. But I do have to say, I am totally getting a Barrel saddle if I continue to do drill. I may get one anyway.

Paisley and her Mamma working circles around me. I have to tell you my blogger peeps that is is the " other woman" in my life. Her soft brown eyes, brown hair, she is my husbands mistress. He makes no secret about it either his love and affection for her. How can I compete with that? If we are on the same drill team someday how is that going to work? Will he be able to love just me? I doubt it.
With a butt like that, how can I compete...

Well, it's simple... I am getting Shawn his own horse, so he won't oogle over Paisley anymore.
He is the same Overo like her but black and not chestnut. T is lucky that when Paisley was for sale a few years back we didn't have the cash-ola to buy her. It was so nice to ride with someone who can give me pointers and tips on dealing with that stock horse/paint mind and body. What I am going through T and P have been there done that as well. I feel so much better today knowing that I have HOPE!

Yeah I know I hate her, she's skinny, cute, nice, funny and well easy to hate.
Thanks T for coming over and helping Star and I on getting that canter better. See you tomorrow!


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a great time!

Heather said...

Green with envy...nuff said

jennifer said...

I am sorry about all of your sore parts. But it sounds like yall had SUCH a good time.

And yeah, she is skinny and gorgeous. She MUST be a good friend to keep her around :)

Best, Punchy! said...

Okay, I am totally jealous....THERE, you happy?


It sounds like you had a blast and I really am envious...but not about your sore parts, ouch!
Now, go take some Motrin, a hot bath and come over and pick up your damn award already,lol!


Sharon said...

How fun to get together with a friend to ride together. Your story of riding Paisley is so funny! Your friend is darling...hate-her too! LOL! JK!

Have a great week!

Hugs, Shar

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a GORGEOUS Paint horse!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yep, skinny, cute and one gorgeous smile! I'd be jealous, too. lol!
She seems like a super friend to want to come over and ride with you and give you some pointers and let you ride her lovely bling bling paint Paisley. If you two go out on the trails, people will be stopping with jaws dropped admiring you two hot babes on your chrome and bling ponies. :D

But what I really must know...why in the world were you laughing when you hit your girl parts on the pommel? Yowch! I think I would have seen stars. lol! (get it, Star?)
What a nerd I am. bah!

Smooches for you,