Sunday, January 18, 2009

Man Down!

In neighboring a town called Troutdale, they often have gale force winds. My BF Denise lives in a fully restored 1917 Craftsman. I got a call this morning from her telling me to hurry over a tree fell on her house. In that driveway inlet section was her hubby's car. It missed it by two feet. It also missed her son Joey's room, under where that first dormer is. Thank you Heavenly Father for keeping them safe.

This is the front of the root ball section, it is bigger than it looks, that is my car parked next to it.
IT took of their entire front porch section. Luckily it didn't breach the interior of the house. But boy is that going to be expensive to restore. AGAIN...........

This is Shawn on the backside of the root ball. He is 6 feet tall to give you a sense of the size.

Here is a close up of the porch. The window on the left is where Joey's head would have been at 10 pm last night ! He wasn't home thank goodness!

So now to the scary part. WE have a tree in our front yard that is waxing and waning. We have the same tree service as BF's coming out to our house when they are done there, to come take a look at it.IT literally popped me off my feet as I was walking onto the driveway. We have moved our vehicles, the Love Shack and the boys are staying elsewhere because it would fall directly on their wing of the house if it does fall tonight. SO stay tuned. I may be posting pics of my house soon!


Heather said...

Tell D. that I'm glad she is that tree is CRAZY.

Good luck with your act of mother nature!

Marilyn said...

Are you kiddding me!

The tree guy is coming to our house Tuesday morning to take eight trees off our top five acres.
We didn't have ANY wind here last night.

jennifer said...

Good grief that thing was HUGE.

Glad that no one was hurt.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness! That is crazy! I am so glad that no one was hurt and that it didn't hurt the actual house, but what a bummer that they have all that damage. That thing is huge. It scares me when I think about my hubby out there cutting those down. I'm so thankful to God for being bigger than everything!

A few years ago in the old neighborhood where we both grew up they had huge wind storms that took down a ton of trees. My parents home was sparred, but they had a couple of their trees go down near them. I drove over there and it truly looked like a war zone, there were trees and limbs everywhere and some homes were hit with trees right down the middle. It was scary, but there were no injuries.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Things are crazy around our parts these last few days, huh? Glad no one was hurt!

The Wife said...

Holy Moly that's a freakin' big tree!! Thank goodness it missed the kiddo's room. Lord have mercy!

Jocelyn said...

Our tree is still leeeeeeeeeeeaning. No call from tree guy on ETA, drove by BF's house and they are still working on her tree.

i am still fretting nad freaking...

gtyyup said...

Oh they are so lucky!!! With all that snow and moisture I'm suppose that's not the first nor the last! I hated those winds of Troutdale...we lived up across from Sam Barlow High years ago.

Katie said...

WOW that is one MASSIVE tree. I am glad to hear they are ok. I hope your tree won't be making an un-welcome home call.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes!! When you said it popped you off your feet, does that mean it fell, too?? Are you ok??? Is your house ok?
Gosh, you're scaring me. Get some pics so I know you're ok.

That tree that fell was huge! Was it rotting or had it been attacked by insects? The roots look so big. It's amazing that those roots could be tugged out of the earth by wind.
We get gusts of 50-60 mph around here all the time, but we don't have any big trees. All our trees are juniper and pinon trees, no more than 30 ft high. whew!

I'm so glad your BF and her son and hubbie are ok. Sorry about their house, though.
But it could have been so much worse.