Thursday, January 8, 2009


OK, so is it only me or do I have the nastiest grosses dirty P.I.G. mare on EARTH?
She is never clean, not in one spot, she always smells, she is ga- ross 99 percent of the time.
OK so now she is in heat. Double ga-ross.
So on Sunday she will get a super scrub spa day forelock to tail.

I am usually way more OCD about keeping her clean, but the sub zero temps and snow and wind have kept me from that. I literally can't take it one more weekend like that. I am supposed to be having lessons and I am so embarrassed to have anyone ride her or see me ride her in that condition.

So, the heat thing.. Our barn has a total horn dog of a young stallion. Horn dog with a capitol HD .
He tries so hard to be a good boy, but those mares are irresistible ya know. So my mare who is not normally mare-ish, or squirty, has now become a **** cough*** whore ***cough****.
So I had to work her double night before last just get her wandering eye back on to the task at hand. Last night was better, but she is definitely not interested in "learnin" so she gets to learn by running :) HA !

With that said, I wont see her until Sunday Spa day, so hopefully the worst of it will be over so when I scrub her bee-hind/nether region she doesn't nicker and whinny and roll her eyes back and ask for a ciggy and a martini after....


Mrs Mom said...

LOL I bet she does! ;)

Should we send along some extra long gloves to keep you safe back there? (I am KIDDING!)

20 meter circle of life said...

Well I hope you at least buy her dinner first!! I cant do mares, I am a gelding girl. Although I do think an arab gelding is pretty darn close to a stock horse mare in personality!!

Jocelyn said...

Mrs Mom: Send the gloves anyway :)

JP2: I buy her dinner every single day :( I have a soft spot for mares but she will eb the last one for sure....

brigjones said...

I had mares -- they weren't too bad about the heat thing. Not sure my one mare ever went into heat, to be honest. But, I got a gelding to avoid the "mare stuff" just in case. What do ya know -- I've got the moodiest gelder ever! LOL!


gtyyup said...

Yep, love my geldings...that's all I can say about that one!

Enjoy your spa day...get yourself a martini when it's all said and done~~

Jocelyn said...

Brigj: A friend of mine had a gelding that we called " princess" cuz he was that and then some. omg.

GGTYUP: I love Arabian Mares, but not Stock Mares. But, I am 99% sure my next ay-rhab will be a gelding.

The Wife said...

LOL! (snort!)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love my mare...but not so much when she goes to 'winking' at my neighbor's gelding while she's in heat. That tail goes up and 'wink...'wink' gah!
It's embarassing!

But I won't do geldings because every one I've come in contact with have been fools. So goofy, in-your-face, nosy, pushy, and silly.
Oh...and then there's the issue of dreaded "The Sheath Cleaning"
That's way worse than a mare in heat, if you ask me. gah!