Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She's dead lame

I am completely freaking out.
Sis is lame. I mean painful tip toe lame.

The farrier who is on my sh** list at the moment, whom I felt did not take my concerns on Monday seriously. I felt like he was treating me like an over anxious Mamma.
DUH! That's exactly what I am !
I said I would call Wednesday if she was worse. Not only is Sis worse she is 10x worse.
Heat, pulse and cant pivot and stands on her tip toe kind of worse.

He cut back the bars and filled in the void with an acrylic, I was skeptical but felt assured it was going to do her good to get us over the contracted heel so we can eventually go barefoot. I am a believer in barefoot ponies, but Sis has always had troublesome feet and when we were on a good time frame to take the shoes off for good, we may have taken a few steps back. DAMMIT!

Well, he is coming back out tomorrow and he needs to pray I've calmed down.
There are few things that make me lose sleep and anything that has to do with her being in pain, stress or discomfort keeps me awake all night. I am her keeper and I take it seriously.
You hurt my girl , I kick your ass.

Well, time for bed so I can lay there and pray that I don't have to go all Ninja tomorrow.


Reddunappy said...

Hang in there hopefully she will be better tomorrow!!! I would tell you my horror story but it woulnt do you any good at the moment, maybe when you are through this.

A little bute for the pain, but not before he looks at her! I hate tiptoe lameness, means the foot hurts :(, when Easy was lame last she was setting the foot down flat, so I knew it wasnt the foot, she was sore up in the stifle.

Hang in there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I wonder what could be causing it? Absess? What did he do?? Yikes!

Take some photos of her feet NOW. so you can keep track of what's going on there.

Also, you might want to ask Mrs Mom of Oh Horse Feathers her opinion. She's a pretty knowledgeable and helpful farrier (not ferrier or furrier, as she!).

Really, though...I'd be a mess, too. But that's not going to make your Sis feel better. Keep it calm and remember to calmy breathe my friend, ok?

I'll say a little prayer for her right now. Let us know how she does.


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Mrs Mom said...

Joycelyn, Heat and a Pulse in the foot = GET THE VET. If that jackhole took out too much, there is a chance that things could collapse in there.




(The BARS help maintain the stability and strength of the foot. Taking them out to that extreme can cause SERIOUS troubles....)

The Wife said...

Hope Sis gets better! If you do go all Ninja on him, please have someone there to video!

wilsonc said...

I'll be thinking about you and your horse all day long. I hope it is nothing too serious. I'm thinking I would take Mrs. Mom's advice and have the vet out too.

Reddunappy said...

Hows she doing today?????

Reddunappy said...

If you need to ask someone really really knowledgable some questions, take some pics and get on Pat Wagoners blog, he is great!!!

He has a website too, but when I posted something for him he got back to me right away!
Take pictures!

Jocelyn said...

I'm at work right now, so I won"t see her until tonight when I meet the shoer.

I'm soooo stressed out!

Yes, I will be taking photo's so everyone can see...