Thursday, April 2, 2009

They should be insured by Lloyds of London

These legs are my constant concern, see how itty bitty those hooves are? They are attached to a huge almost 16 hand 1100 pound attitude. She has typical TB feet, thin hoof walls way too small for her size, you name it.

Here is the culprit hoof, see the silicone? Her toes were the most bruised and her heels were too short. The angles were way off from what the previous farrier had them for the last year. I know every farrier has an opinion and certain way of doing things, but with Stat we have to keep what works.

She holds her foot up all the time, it's a nervous vice of hers, makes it easy when you want to take pics!

Here is after, pad, pine tar, wider shoe and he left some of the silicone because it was necessary for her heel support.

The other hoof was also bruised and had a hot nail. It was just a cluster **** all the way around. She is not easy to keep sound and any slight changes in her routine this is what happens. It's so frustrating. So I called the farrier she's always had and pleaded my story and he came right out.
The first thing he said to me on the phone was " OMG did they cut off her heel?" Yep...

So he posed for this shot if I promised to put it on the blog... So here is the gratuitous bee hind shot. So he fixed her right up, I paid him cash, bought him a sammich and thanked him. She had a huge dose of bute and by the time he was finished she was walking normally, still sore but at least walking. Thank you Jesus I can sleep tonight.
Star says thank you to all of those thinking good thoughts and prayers her way.
This face is saying "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels better Mamma"

So I didnt have to go all Ninja and show off my mad kill BILL skills.


Paige said...

see this is what happens when I miss a day--problem all better by the time I find out about it. I so suck at keeping up lately

I am so glad she feels better now--so you can too.

wilsonc said...

I've never really known what to look for in a hoof. Your story has scared me so much that I am now going to make it my business to know. Study of a healthy foot here I come!

Mrs Mom said...

Well, JP, My Dear Husband -- a farrier and barefoot hoof care provider for most of his life-- looked over my shoulder at those pictures and said, "Oh! My! God!... I have no words... I am just... appalled.... Wha...? Why...? ... *sigh*"


I'd still go Man Ninja Kill Bill on the other jackhole, but that's just me ;)

Give that big girl a rub from us please, and a hug to you!

Jocelyn said...

Paige: Im so glad the Little Prince made it out OK!

Charlotte: Yes I hear you, My new education will be on hooves. I wont be screwed again.

Mrs. Mom: Thanks for the support :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

JEEZ!!! What did that guy do? Was he wielding a hacksaw on your poor girl?!
Where did he learn to trim? Culinary school? I mean. Sheesh..he cut off her heels! Did he think they were the fatty part and had to go? GAH!

Why did you change farriers? You need to get the word out about the other guy so that he doesn't hack away at anyone else's horses.
And stick with your regular farrier from now on.

I'd love to hear from Mrs. Mom if she thinks Miss Bling Bling Princess can ever go barefoot.

When my barefoot mare came here she had spent most of her time in sandy arenas, so he feet were cracked, chipped and weak after just a month living here on our rocky ground. With weekly oil treatments and excellent trims after only 6 months her feet were naturally tough and solid.

Anyway, I'm just glad that your girl's got some relief now, and I hope her feet grow back in quickly and strong.

Now go get yourself something strong to drink. Whew! What an experience. :o


Reddunappy said...

I tried a new farrier once. My mare Mickey is 14.3 and 1100lbs and wears a 00 shoe. Well I worked for a gal whos boyfreind was a horseshoer and I had been having my ex bro inlaw come out, but he quit returning my calls, anyway, I trim my horses myself, but I dont nail shoes on. Well I had him come out to shoe Mickey and the next day she was dead lame, I did not call him, I pulled the shoes and she was much more comfortable, but continued to be lame. She has small mule feet and thin walls, But I have managed to keep her feet in good shape barefoot. About 2 months after I pulled the shoes or so I finally got down to the abcesses she had in both front feet from him over clinching the nails! she had an abcess tube in each foot like a bent pencil had been in there, grey black goo came out and she continued to recover and I havnt had a problem with her since. Just an occasional regular abcess once or twice. My dad was a farrier so I know how to pull shoes and trim, Irefuse to nail because I dont think I am strong enough.
Needless to say I have never used that shoer again and never recommed him to this day.

Reddunappy said...

I hope she recovers in good time and you dont miss to much drill!!