Thursday, April 23, 2009

12 hours to V-time

in 12 hours or less I will be in Las Vegas.
Not to Gamble, Not to get stupid drunk, but to hang with my friend.

Plans are poolside with cold beer, some dancing, high brow window shopping and some yummy food. She is a killer cook.

See everyone on Monday!


You know there will be pictures! Stay tuned!


Kristina P. said...

Have a great time!

Paige said...

Have a wonderful time!

Rue said...

Have a great time Jocelyn!!

Congrats on starting your own business too :)


jennifer said...

Have fun Jocelyn!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooohooo! Well, I'm glad to hear that 'stuff that happens in Vegas, doesn't have to stay in Vegas" lol!

I can't wait to hear about it! :)


ps, How's your no-smoking goals coming along, my friend?

The Wife said...

Have an awesome time! Can't wait for the pics!

xoxo~ Meg said...

Are ya back, yet? HUh???HUh???

I will catch up with you in a bit or tomorrow hopefully!

Kathi said...

I hope you have a blast. Kathi