Monday, April 27, 2009

Vegas, what a trip!

I went to Vegas over the weekend to visit my friend Carol and to celebrate a friends 50th birthday. This is Carol, we have been friends for years. It started in So.Cal when we were both single. We have had some very good times ! This was us at the Mint Cafe at the Mirage waiting to get into a club called JET. We were VIP, so no waiting, walk past the lines of people , get right in and start dancing. LOVE the VIP!

This is me at the top of the PALMS, where the Playboy club is. We went to Rain, but not Playboy. Maybe next time. Once again VIP, walked right in and took the elevator to the top of the club to the VIP area and got home around 3 am! Not bad for a couple of 40 year olds!
We were at a bar/club called Kahunaville in the Treasure Island casino. Fun place and the food was amazing! These drinks were called the Big Kahuna. they are sneaker drinks, very fruity and sweet but about an hour later you are feeling it!
Aren't they huge? and so so so tasty. We had three of these! That's alot of booze.. Yikes.
This is Cheryl the birthday girl. I am so happy she is gettin on with gettin on, she finally dumped her POS husband and is celebrating life at it's fullest.
Carol and I again. I will have before and afters tomorrow. The beauty transformation took HOURS. :) You will be shocked !
all in all it was a very god time, but I'm exhausted and ready to go to bed early tonight!
Being 40 and partying can be so exhausting!!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh woe is you! Poor girl having to party all night long every night. You deserve a vacation now. LOL!

Ummm...where are your hands in that bottom photo, girlfriend?
That photo look like an 'end-of-the-night photo. You and your friend look a whole lot of woozy there. LOL!

But jeesh girlfriend, you are gorgeous in those photos, like a model. Are you sure that those clubs didn't PAY you ladies to ravish them with your presence? hehe!

Glad you had such a swell time!(and dind't end up in jail, or anything)


Jocelyn said...

Lisa, it was so hard ! Partying all night takes alot out of a girl !

Thanks for the compliments !

Paige said...

I am all about the VIP business in VEgas--that is how to do it.

And are you holding ol girls bazooms there?

Sharon said...

That looks like so much fun! Girl time is awesome!

Hugs, Sharon

jennifer said...

And that was the Tyra Banks "Are they real" test, right?

Glad that you had a good time!