Thursday, April 30, 2009

Like a gerbil on a wheel!

My friend Sharon has been blogging about her busy life, and it seems to be a reoccuring theme in blogland. This was my week.

Monday am: Go to Doc, told no more funny business and wear a brace for three weeks.
Tuesday pm: Go to barn and tack up Star so my friend can ride her for me. Home by9
Wednesday pm: Bead Class three hours and oh so fun! Home by 9:30
Thursday pm: Softball Practice.Home by 8
Friday pm: Run out to the barn so my friend can ride Sis again. Home by 9
Saturday am: Go to horseshow to go visit and hang with my friend while she rides her GINORMOUS Oldenburg.
Sunday pm: Softball Double Header.

I literally will have had 7 days of NON-Stop activities.
Iam so tired and it's not over yet!
I need a maid STAT!


gtyyup said...

Geesh, you have ben busy...softball, horses, job...job ;~)

That trail ride looked fun...nice commentary by Star!

Vegas looked even better!!! A lil' R & R...we all need a bunch of that!

Jocelyn said...

Gttyup: I am so busy, I barely have time to talk to my sweetie. We have always been good at just chatting away and sharing our days and now I am too tired.
Hopefully next week will slow down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Is she riding? Last I heard he was a tad lame. : (

My word verification was FERTED. LOL!

Jocelyn said...

Brig: Yeah she is sound, but only after a month OFF! So she is sassssssy! Lots of circles and bucking and nonsense. Lucky for me Miss Terra puts up with ZERO BS. So she gets skooled HARD! Love that.

Paige said...

It is weeks like yours that sneak up and knock me on my ass like this one has. Amazing what 2.5 days of sitting in the big chair watching lifetime can do for a girl.

Bell I have a cleaning lady, and I could not let her in under the circumstances

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! No. A gerbil in a wheel spins and goes nowhere. You, my sweet, are more like a hamster in an exercise ball. Just be careful not to bump into any walls. lol!


ps, You'll have to share pics of some your bead creations soon. :)

Anonymous said...

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