Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Announcement

We have a guest commentator today.

Star: All I wanted to do was run through those fields, with the wind whipping my mane and breathe in the fresh outdoorsy air. There was so much to see, hear and smell. Hold onto your hiney Momma I'm ready to fly, this is going to be the best EVER!

But my dream was not meant to be. Momma kept saying Whoa Star, not today Star, maybe someday Star. She sure knows how to harsh a Mare's mellow. So my view was these two big brown butts. She sez it's cuz she needs to trust that I won't go all bat**** bucking bronc. I say it's cuz her lack of man parts. Aren't human mares supposed to be tougher than geldings?
Yeah, thats what I thought too. I think Momma needs a CTJ meeting.

On the way back we got to canter on the trail and it was glorious, but only for about 1/4 mile.
But only after we had to stop and wait for the other two big brown butts to catch up. Sage turned her head around to whisper, PSSSST! around this next corner start cantering, pass it on.

Momma kept saying that I needed to be extra good cuz she forgot her helmet. ppppppfttt whatever! I only did one HELL NO AND SPIN. Its was because she wanted me to go down a steep horse swallowing mudhole. I think it went to France and you know what they do to mares in FRANCE! So momma got off and had to go first, I made sure I was right behind her step for step. She said something like " stop breathing down the back of my pants Star ya big sissy" so rude...... I showed her, on the way back up the French Mud Hole I leaped and ran through it like a big girl. Those French wont get me! I had better go and eat my lunch, Momma has some big news. Happy Trails Mare Frens!

And for the big announcement?

I quit my job, my last day is May 30. I prayed and asked for guidance, got the support of my husband and took the leap. I will be doing my same job , but from home. I am going to be self employed. I already have some clients lined up and am excited at the prospect of being my own boss. This has been a long time coming, while I apply for a federal jobs as well!
I have never felt so free of burden and stress. I'm ready to run through that field!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And I thought it was because you got to go on one way cool trail ride!

So YIIIPPEEEE for the trail ride


for being self employed!!!

And most of all, for being brave enough to not only keep your mare in line...but to also take the leap of faith and follow your dreams of having less stress.

You my dear, totally deserve it, too!

Can I also just say that I love seeing Star's ears while you guys are riding trail. It makes me feel like it's me and my Doll riding. Cool.

Love yas!

Kathi said...

Wonderful. I hope all the best for you Jocelynn. Congratulations. Kathi

Flying Lily said...

YAY for being your own boss!!! nice trail ride Star!!