Sunday, April 19, 2009

Softball Sunday

We had a double hitter today,and we won BOTH ! SHA-ZAM!
This is me hoping they don't catch that pop fly so I can go.

I played right field. I am not the greatest outfielder, I have only ever played infield. But I can throw! Sort of, I need to work on that too............

Check that form ! Nothing but steel arms and killer contact! well sort of, but at least I didn't strike out and made it base every time I was up!

Watching it fly to left outfield !

Getting schooled by 1st base coach. Jocelyn No leading, foot on bag ! this isn't Fastball!

Ready to go to third. I am third batter in the line up, so at least they think I have skillz!

At least my white legs got some sun, I hate shorts always have, if they had softball Capri's I would be wearing them ! I have hated shorts since I was a little kid. I prefer pants or skirts.
Shorts esp. Sports shorts are insanely unflattering!
I got outed today, they all figured out I was straight when I brought Shawn with me !
The looks on their faces was pretty funny.
Oh well, they like me anyway! This is the most fun I have had in years.


Jocelyn said...


Sharon said...

Hey....I was thinking how cute you look out there! I can really see Michelle in you in those pix! I am really impressed with your athtletic abilities Jocelyn!

Hugs, Sharon

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

White legs are better than roasted pepper legs! lol!
My legs are still peeling skin like an onion from my sunburn a couple weeks ago. gah!

You look killer out there JP!!! Awesome!

I can't stand shorts either. I live in capris. My thighs have turned virgin. lol!

Can't wait to hear what the surprise announcement is!