Thursday, April 9, 2009

I brought it , then it left!

So , I tried out for an all women's softball team tonight.
I wanted to join an all women's team and at 40 most teams are either HARD CORE FAST BALL, or Co-ED. Neither of which I was interested in!

I brought my hustle! My Game! My Mojo! My cat like reflexes.

Then as the evening went on it was more like meander, then on to mosey, then onto look there goes the ball ......

I am clearly 40 and my inner athlete has moved on elsewhere.

But I am on the team and we have our first scrimmage on Saturday.

I made a joke about " after game ALEVE Cocktails" , most of us agreed it was a good idea !

Now, I'm off to bed to find my heating pad !!!


wilsonc said...

Congratulations on making the team. Do you have your cheering section all lined up :)

Kristina P. said...

How fun! I really enjoy playing softball.

Liz said...

If it makes you feel any better, I pulled my hamstring. On a TRAMPOLINE!

I love the idea of an Aleve Cocktail. :)

Jocelyn said...

I'm glad hubby who was a Little League coach was NOT there to see my Looney Tunes version of throwing a ball. ! I definitely need a bat more suited to me, I have SHORT arms and bad eye sight.

I love softball anyway!

Kathi said...

You are one go-getter Joselyn. You amaze me. I swatted a fly the other day. Is that sorta like batting? I did pull a muscle doing it too.

Happy Easter! Hugs, Kathi

Paige said...

So is the same team full of ladies who love ladies or have you found a team made up of ladies who do not love other ladies?

Pony Girl said...

Too funny! A couple years I played on a kickball team with a group of engineer friends and I remember thinking it would be nothing so I barely warmed up. The first time I kicked a ball and sprinted towards first I pulled a groin muscle. How sad! I used to play soccer a few nights a week and ran my hiney off, I could never do that now. What a difference 10 years makes!

xoxo~ Meg said...

Congrats on making the team! I cant wait to hear all about the first game! Softball was always fun for me, I never was any good though!

Have a fab weekend! Hugs and good luck!

Flying Lily said...

Aleve cocktails for 2!!! congrats on making it and you rock.

Rue said...

Hi Jocelyn :)

Congratulations on getting on the team! I'll have a cocktail for you just thinking about it LOL

Have a wonderful Easter!

Sharon said...

That is so cool that you made the team! I am very proud of you! I hope that you have a joyful Easter!

Hugs, Sharon

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Um....I was going to comment here, but after reading the next post FIRST....I don't think I can.


You rock it girlfriend....and don't give up your lipstick...and rocking pink hat.
And whatever you do, don't spend too much time thinking about your fellow players......