Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday in our Home Town

This Saturday Shawn and I went down to Eugene to see " our kids" and their parents. Mitch and Margaret. So while the kiddos were napping we went on a drive around the U of O campus and some other familiar spots. It's so cool to be married to someone who has the same history as you. Same town, same schools, same friends, same memories. It made it easy on dates for conversations and no background check was required.
So Here is the U of O sign. This is for you Dad.

This is the Catholic church St Mary's where Shawn's Grandparents got married.

This is the ever famous Hayward Field. It is the mecca of all that is track and field. the Olympic trial were held here for Beijing. There is so much history on this field. Someday I want to run on it's track.

This is Mac court. The Basketball Stadium. I've been here numerous times as a kid/teen, but not once as an adult. They are building a new one, they are tearing down the old Williams Bakery to build it there. This is a very old, loud, cool place. The only thing not cool is how you have to get there if you park far away.

You walk through here. It's also party central afterwards. I know weird and creepy, but it wouldn't BE A DUCK game if you didn't have to walk through the cemetery at least once.

This is where Shawn worked as a sous chef back in the day and where he and the first wife got married. The guy he used to work for now owns Mookies in Springfield. yum yum yum.

This is the Oregon Electric station, another Eugene landmark. Shawn worked here too in High School and took a friend of ours on a date there back in the day. :) She is a hottie, so HIGH FIVE. ^5.
I actually have NEVER eaten there. I know crazy! Someday maybe Shawn will take me on a date there? hmmmmm.

So back to the house and the kiddos are ready for some attention. Jack wants to show me he can read. He isn't really reading but has actually memorized the whole book. I love kids who love to read.

Miss Beth ran to her room to bring me her ponies to share. One is Cookies and Cream and one is
Cinnamon. HUh... I wonder why she thought I wanted to see her stuffed ponies???

Beth crawled into my lap and read book after book, I just love that. I remember both my Grandmas would sit forever to listen to me read out loud. Book after Book, even the newspaper.
I was reading the paper by the time I was 5. How nerdy and geeky is that? I'm so lame.

Then it was my TURN to read. Disney Princess books. Not my personal favorite to read. So, that means I will have to bring them books next time. If I have a kid on my lap that wants to hear a story, I'll do it until the cows come home. S.U.C.K.E.R.....

They wanted to play Jenga, they are so funny to watch. I'm going to take video next time. they take it seriously and know the rules. Uncle Shawn and their dad were also playing, it was fun to watch the two grown men vs. the kids.

Jack with his game face on!

It was a looooooooong day, but fun. We like to come see them about every 6 weeks. We bring them candy and get them all sugar jacked high and then leave:) Just like grandparents!
So thanks for coming along on my day down south. Margaret is a fabulous hostess and cook, we always gain weight when we've left her house. She made me cheeseburgers, perfect ending to a super fun day!


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a great visit! The kids I work with love to play Jenga.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey Divine JP girl, if you would please, zap me an email (or three) with your hoof question. I am having a tough time picturing it, and can often sort out the problem better if I can see it.


Sounds like a great visit!! The kids are getting sooo big now too!

wilsonc said...

Lovely day with your grandchildren and visiting your hometown. Thanks for sharing it with us. I may play copycat and do the same here in a few weeks. We have 4 grandsons. Two in Oregon City and two in Central Oregon. We try to get over there once a month. Wish they were close enough to drive down for the day. We usually end up spending a weekend. I love seeing grandparents who love to spend time with their grandchildren!

Jocelyn said...

omg Charlotte! They are not my grandchildren !!!

no no no my kids are still teens. My eldest is graduating high school in May.
Our friends adopted Jack and Beth last year and they are very special to us , and we are head over heels for them.

wilsonc said...

I'm really sorry. You just seemed to love them so much. I guess I ASS-umed. Forgive me?

Jocelyn said...

All is forgiven, but I am reevaluating my stance on " getting some work done" , I m thinking I may need some soon!

I almost passed out from the thought of being a gramma though.. whew!
SOOOO not ready for that!

jennifer said...

Thanks for the tour! I am so glad you had fun with the kids.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tour - great pics!

Had to laugh on the "grandkid" comments LOL! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww. Looks like a fun time! And how to cool to drive through and around the old haunts together (literally!, ie the graveyard. lol!).

You look so content cuddling with kids and books. You are in your element there truly!


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