Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where shall I start? Part 1 of 2 posts

So where do I begin? Friday , my friend T came over to ride Star as I'm still not able to.

So my payment was that I had to watch the B.G. AKA Cutest child on this Earth. The BO's have some Hula Hoops in the arena, so BG wanted to play with them. So for an hour we played Hula Hoop, took a walk with the hula hoops. It was fun. I love the excitement she has over just a simple plastic thing and looks to me for an applause after. Seems as we get older that excitement goes away rather quickly.

Tell me she is not the cutest EVER....

I mean really??? Shawn calls her The Baby Devil, cuz her cuteness will suck you in, and she was born on 6-6-06 and in room 13. Do you see any Evil here? Me either. Boy she runs me I tell ya.

This is her taking a picture of me

"wif your hoopla" I know..... I even showed her how to use the camera.

So yesterday I went back to T's house to drop off the car seat. I had promised her that she would be coming WITH me to go see her Mom. Things change and Daddy was coming home, so all I had to do was relieve the sitter and wait until he got home. So we compromised with "coloring". She's easy that one... I thought she was going to be PO'd. So we were coloring butterflies and I said something to the effect of " did the butterfly tell you he wants to be brown?"

and I quote in a matter of fact tone: "Jocelyn, butterflies don't talk they are just BUGS"

She is not even three !!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww, she's lost her imagination. She needs a trip to Disney World, where all animals talk. hah!

She sure is a sassy sweet muffin. How did you stop yourself from nibbling on her cheeks or something? Too cute for her britches, I'd say! lol!

(Too creepy on the birthdate and room number, though. lol!)


Jocelyn said...

I know I just want to eat her up!
She is just a sweet kind hearted kid.

She is just waaaaaaaaaaay too smart !

The Wife said...

Love the sass! And nice hula hoopin'!

Paige said...

Well she has got you there

brigjones said...

Congrats on the show! Star did great!

jennifer said...

She is what I would call a "Sassy La Fay" kiddo. She sounds completely charming!