Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow , someone reads my blog !

Jenny over at The Joy of Horses, gave me an award. It's been a long time since I've had one!
So the deal is I have to share... divulge 7 things about myself.

Ok, here goes. Hang onto your hats it's going to be a mild ride.

1. I was born a cowgirl, got my first horse at 12 years old. I believe you are born with the pony gene, like it or not!

2. I love love love Park Horses. Saddlebred, NSH's , Morgans, Arabians etc.
I will swoon and come to tears when I see a high stepping horse enter the arena.

3. I am afraid of cows. I prefer them on my plate not alive and staring at me. Cows have this impeccable ability to stare into your soul and feed your irrational bovine fear.

Wow, I am really not cool. Anywho let's move on.

4. I am built FORD TOUGH. I have muscles and strength of a man. I am also not afraid to get in a fist fight or throw down. I know how to hit and I hit HARD. At our old barn , I was always the one called on to carry everything heavy.

5. I have a photographic memory, which although could serve a grander purpose if I used it for the betterment of mankind. However, it's main function in my life is to find my purse, keys,barn boots and to remember useless trivia. i.e Don't tell me a big OL LIE and expect me to forget. lol

6. My favorite food is ...drumroll........ Ham Gravy and Fried Potatoes, side of Corn on the Cob.
I could die and be happy as that as my last meal. 2nd choice would be Chips and Salsa of any sort.

7. My horse saved my marriage. She was the escape, sanity and self preservation I was desperately seeking. She saved me from bouts of deep depression and the desire to run away and join the Peace Corp. She is my rock and happy place. The JP1 of right now would not exist without having her in my life.

Boring right?

I know I know...

I am working on it however! JP is gettin her Groove Back!


Reddunappy said...

AWe your awesome! And yes people read your blog LOL LOL :0)~

Cactus Jack Splash said...

congratulations, lots of us read your blog

Laughing Orca Ranch said...'re Ford Tough, a Cowgirl, and afraid of cows?

Now that would make an interesting Ford Truck commerical! hehe!

#7 reminds me of the way I've been feeling these last could months without a horse. Depressed. You are one of the lucky ones to have grown up with horses, though.

Thanks for sharing.


Did I scare ya? lol!


jennybean79 said...

I love your blog too! I think I need to hire you as my body guard. My mouth keeps cashing checks that my wimpy body can't handle! LOL

The Wife said...

Congrats! And not boring!! You're awesome! But we really need to work on this cow phobia.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Of course, people read your blog!

#7 is interesting because although my non-riding husband dearly loved horses, I always felt guilty hanging out with the horses and not with him and the kids.