Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guess what I got to do today!

I took my delicious new merino wool sheepskin seat cover for it's first big test drive.
This will make your bee hind purr like a kitten.

But it wasn't on Star it was on a friends solid 100 miler Arabian named Nero.
I didn't get the Licorice memo and he was checking to make sure I wasn't hiding any.
We went to Beacon Rock state park on the Washington side.
That my friends is the mighty Columbia River. Way.. Way down there. Way down.....

This is the peak about 2400 foot level. Oxygen anyone? lol
This was a HUGE climb and my Nero pony was eating trail the whole time.
He has a pimp strut like my Blu had. Hang on and keep it in the middle.:)
That is Patti on the Appy and Max on Junior an endurance Mule. Max is a crack up and so nice.
Sorry for the sideways picture, I am too lazy tonight to fix it.
Yes, you see here JP was on an actual SUMMIT. That just doesn't happen everyday ya know!

OK, down below there is the Bonneville Dam.
Terry, Darlene's hubby says Hey Girlfriend get closer to the edge and get a picture of Bonneville. Nope, I'm good from here thanks. Can you see how close I already was?
You have to snap quick when astride Nero, he waits for no Kodak Moments, they are a complete waste of time to him. Nero is such a good boy, low drama and if you ride a horse like Star, low drama is fabulous.

Poor Junior, he was already looking pooped and this wasn't even the halfway point!
If you are going two miles straight up, guess how you get down?
Yep, you get off and walk ,your trusty grey steed drags your lazy ass down and turns his head often as if to say, B**** you are slow and if you don't move faster I'm going without you.
That is Darlene and her husband Terry.
I am eternally grateful for her letting me go with them today, Man it sure gave me a good taste of what I need to train for and what to expect.
I will never do 100 miles in this lifetime. I was exhausted today after 14!

Here is a quick video of Nero the trail eating machine.

Chit Chat and banter with the other riders is not on Nero's agenda so I spent alot of time talking to myself and to him. I am positive he called me bad names, when I put the KI BOSh on his trotty/canter-ish/jig/we must be in front/walking is for SUCKA'S transitions whilst going uphill.


Reddunappy said...

What you doing on my side of the river girlfriend? LOL LOL I have been up Hamilton Mtn, rocky at times and a beautiful ride in the spring when the flowers bloom.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cool ride and lots of awesome vistas! Love those Arabians...they are the perfect endurance mounts.
What brand of saddle was Nero wearing? Is that an Abetta?
I'm considering buying one as my next saddle. I've read lots of good stuff about them, even though they are made of cordura and not leather. They are supposed to be very comfy, even without the cloud of sheep wool softness. lol!

I'm glad you had fun. Your rider buddies look hard core!


Desert Rose said...

I am In...Would love to do this trail with you this summer!!!!!

gtyyup said...

Great ride there girl!! Looked like a blast. Good luck with your endurance ride...looking forward to seeing you compete!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Looks like you had a great ride!

Jocelyn said...

Pam, it was rocky but on those sections which was downhill we were leading the horses down so it wasnt as bad.

Lisa: Yes the Star is modeling a " big horn" cordura saddle. I got a screaming deal on it.My rider buddies are some the hardest of the hard core here inthe PNW.

ROse: That is a good one, but Sandy River Delta is also awesome and we are going to Nehalem end of Sept!

Gttyup: I am bringing my horse over for a long days ride to your house this summer !

Val: IT was so fun! You should give it a whirl!

AareneX said...

new reader here--great to see the cameos of some of my fave local endurance riders!

>waving< Hi Patty and Darlene and Terry and Max and Junior and Nero and newboyspottybutt!

jennifer said...

I would be SO sore. I know you have to be conditioned to ride for that length of time.