Saturday, March 20, 2010

nothing exciting to report except...........

that my sweetie sent me flowers via Afghanistan Internet because I was/is/are/having a hard time lately.

So Friday night went to dinner with a friend. I had to go all the way to " the couv" aka Vancouver. We were going to catch a movie but got too busy yapping at dinner and missed it.
See that sunshine ? This was 6:30 pm and still lovely outside.
Plan B.. Drinks and Karaoke !We were at a place called the Cathedral.I was going to sing, but since I don't drink and drive and don't SING without drinking. This was a no go.

We couldn't decide what flavor of drinkies to have. I was supposed to get a Hawaiian Margie, but got Melon instead. YUCK, I drank it but YUCK.

We had such a good time laughing and talking about life, the night went by so fast I got home WAY late.
This morning I had to be up by 5 am, to go to the Canby Tack Sale. The only thing I bought was a new bit. I wanted a bareback pad, but not wanted I wanted exactly...
I only spent 10 bucks ! Yee Haw! That's a record I think.
I cam home took a nap and fought with the GD Lawnmower for two hours and gave up.
If you are willing to bring your lawnmower over and mow my grass I PAY CASH MONEY AND ADULT TYPE BEVERAGES. CALL ME!


Desert Rose said...

i am so sorry you are having a hard must be sooo hard!!! if I was there we would go for a GREAT ride together and have some good old "Cowgirl Courage"!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous flowers! You're man is so thoughtful to think of you like that. It's not like he's not busy or anything. What a great guy. You're so lucky! :)

So you did drink afterall? A margie is a margarita, right?
So, why wasn't there any singing?

I haven't been out on a girlfriend date since November. You've got great friends to hang out with and have a great time. Enjoy!


Jocelyn said...

desert Rose! thanks so much, I am looking forward to many many rides together this summer together!

Lisa; yes margie = margarita. :)
I dont drink and drive, but I dont sing without drinking, so no karaoke for the JP :(