Monday, March 29, 2010

we've been invaded...

It seems as if Jerry and his disease ridden buddies have invaded my house.
They are coming out during the day which is not normal, they normally only scurry at night. Then about 1 am Seamus the Grey Hunter snags one, screams bloody hell until someone wakes up and says good job and tosses him and his snack outside. If you don't acknowledge him he will leave it headless on the kitchen floor right in front of the coffee maker.

This morning, one came and sat on the modem while I was on the computer. Brazen little S.O.B.
Tristan prefers to play with his for hours and then eat it on my Turkish Rug. Also, not cool.
Blech... As I type Seamus is right next to me with a bead on Jerry the Computer Mouse.
I just want to hurl. I can't do traps, it literally makes me vomit, the sticky traps are a no go as Seamus had a super funny incident with one, mouse in mouth, paws and face on sticky trap, wont let go of mouse, Shawn trying to convince him that he can have mouse back after he peels off the sticky trap, Shawn having to hand sticky mouse back to cat as promised.....
I almost wet myself it was that funny.
So far the Tally is

Seamus 6 Tristan 2 MAMMA 0

Where's the Schwan man when I need him?


Breathe said...

OMG I'd have paid big money to see that sticky trap incident!

I recommend the have a heart traps. They work - but you have to release the vermin at least three major roadways away - or they'll come back!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Goodness that sticky trap part made me laugh

Desert Rose said...

I also can't do sticky or traps. I live catch them and take them out the stables! My cats don't know how to mouse...although when Oliver was little before our kitchen re-model he would sit at the kitchen vents for hours and we knew a mouse was in there!!!