Sunday, February 28, 2010

How we do it at Aunt JP's house.

WARNING: This contains gratuitous sweet girl and a pony shots.

So, we got to babysit J and B Saturday night.
Let's review the evening shall we?

1. Paint Rainbow nails. Duh...
Just so you know God, it is totally not fair I wasn't blessed with girls.

2. Get Uncle Shawn and Aunt JP to bring you to the ranch to see the pony.
Star loves little kids, but sometimes little kids are intimidated by the big ol head of hers, so Daddi-o kept her in check while we groomed.
3. Riding lesson ( sort of) I was impressed by B's confidence and listening skills. She kicked, clucked, steered and knows how to say WHOA.
Star obeyed like a good girl and was listening to B and not to me.
Good Pony.

After almost an HOUR! I was exhausted, we called it quits.
Shawn put the helmet on Star and man did she glare at him, then we took it off and she was still glaring! Ear back, down her nose straight at Shawn! lol

4. Pizza! Yummy Yummy Pizza. Thank goodness they like the same that we like. They are so not picky, I love that. They are awesome eaters, no drama just inhaling and they even take their plates to the sink!

Then the rest of the night was Video games in the front room with Cousin Catlin.
We had to move them because we wanted the Big TV for the Olympics!
Boy was B pooped about 30 minutes after this, she came to the family room couch laid down and passed right out.

So that's how it rolls at our house. We are most excellent babysitters.
J stayed home from horseback riding to play video games with the big boys. He was in the same chair, same spot when we got home as we left him :)

Here is video of B and Star .. BEYOND CUTE it spews sugar and unicorns.


wilsonc said...

You will have her horse crazy and wanting to be at your place every single weekend!

Paige said...

You are most excellent babysitters

jennifer said...

What a wonderful day! I want rainbow nails now :) Lucky kids to have such cool babysitters.

Jocelyn said...

Char- Oh she is already horse crazy, she just needs to ride MORE :)

Paige: We are awesome sitters, kids always want to come back here.

JEnnifer: rainbow nails are the way to go !

Stephanie said...

Awww how cute! Star gives a great riding lesson!

Desert Rose said...

She will come with a bigger suitcase next time I'm sure!!!