Sunday, February 7, 2010

I couldnt take it one more day!

I've been stuck in the house sick for 4 days. I needed to go get some pony loves.
So we groomed, practiced showmanship for like an hour and back to grooming.
I needed to get her legs shaved down before the show in a month, so when it grows out it will be slick. Same with her face and jaw line. Show ponies are WORK !
I was ready to go home when BBFF and 2 other boarders arrived. So Star got tacked up anyway!
I am sure she was like WTF? I thought we were done!

We warmed up in the arena for a bit and then out to the front pasture. The back pastures were sloppy and too slick. Say Cheese BBFF!
Star was in the mood to go outside today, she put her pimp strut/lookey loo on for the first few minutes and then calmed down a bit. Not as calm as Grace AKA Pokey Joe, but well within my tolerances.
After we untacked BBFF and I took the ponies to graze on the yummy new spring grass.
NOM NOM NOM... It's green pony crack.
It was nice to be outside riding with friends again, summer can't get here quick enough!


Desert Rose said...

Glad you got outside for a bit, hope you are feeling better! We come back around the middle of May...would love to hook up for some rides then!

jennifer said...

Green pony crack - LOL! I've never heard THAT before. Glad you enjoyed your day out. I hope that you are completely well.

Laughing Orca Ranch said... got some pony love and some riding time in. I hope it lifted your spirits and helped make you feel better. I'm amazed at how green it is there! I've not seen grass or earth for 4 weeks now! gah!