Monday, February 22, 2010

I need it to be summer...

I love trail riding and am starting to condition Star for endurance.
I need it to be summer!~
This is the first trail ride we have been on since my birthday in October.

Happy Ears ! She is generally very happy to be out and about.
This is how JP rolls, windbreaker, sunglasses and helmet.
I hate this helmet, I am getting a new one soon. For now it works, but I want a lighter cooler one.

Star says" I know the way home follow me Grace".
I totally got his homing device in my legs called " the barn and lunch is in my stall"
IF you will notice...ahem.... Star is in her bitless bridle. We only had one little moment of no brakes, and she is tossing her head too much when I ask for a whoa , so we may have to go back to the bit for a few more rides. I won't be having that.
I would say she was a 7 out of 10 with the bitless today. We worked through only 2 Hell No and Spins the entire time. That is a record.

This is one of the vistas to the right from the top of the farm we ride on.

This is the vista to the left and there is Mt Hood again! So beautiful.
The trail was quite slick with this red clay. It's like snot in some spots. Star did great and kept her footing, I let her pick where she wanted to walk for the most part.

We ended with going into the pond. We actually crossed a stream that feeds of the pond first in those trees and came around the backside.There is BBFF's mare Grace enjoying some water fun.

I told her I was taking a picture for BBFF so she pretended to be falling off !

This is proof we were in the pond too, if you look close in the muck , you can see a bit of Stars leg in the water. She is so funny, this was an epic battle of wills to get her into the pond last year, and now she goes right in! Stands around, splashes, drinks. etc.. Like she's done it a hundred times.
Those darn mares!

Thanks for coming along, I would have taken more pics but my hands were cold!
I really need it to be summer.


Heather said...

So Awesome!! I am so jealous that I was stuck in an office while my horse and Barn buds are out enjoying the early spring weather!!

BTW I'm stealing these pics for Gracies blog...hope that's cool!!

Love ya! Absent BBFF

Jocelyn said...

it was so much fun BBFF, you wouldnt have wanted to go today, it was TOO slick...

The Wife said...

Hey, I think you're rockin' that helmet! Looks like good times.

I hear ya about wanting summer. It was so pretty out Saturday, I went jogging down the road. Just beautiful. Well, that lasted all of one day. :(

Jocelyn said...

KIt: Oh sister I rock the helmet ! For sure!

Stephanie said...

Me too!!!!

At least you got to go on a trail ride. I haven't been on my boy for a LONG time.

Breathe said...

Oh, I wish I was on the back of a horse - thanks for the ride today!

Pony Girl said...

What a fun ride!! I am jealous. No trails since last summer, for me. I hope to hit them in May. If I can get my horse sound and happy again!
Interesting about the bitless...keep us posted on how it is working. It look nice on her! :)