Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enchiladas anyone?

Last night I decided to try a new recipe and give it a JP twist.
You know I was going to !
So brown yourself some chicken, I used breasts because Shawn thought he bought dark meat.oops. I was going to mix both dark and white, but I will next time.
Pour a thin( I used what recipe said and it was TOO much) layer of Green Enchilada sauce on the bottom of a greased pyrex dish and layer with corn tortillas.

This is the JP twist. The recipe called for plain sour cream. WHAT? PLAIN? no way.
So I made some MEXI-PESTO with Lime juice, garlic and cilantro. Into the Magic Bullet for a few seconds and........

Viola Mexi-Pesto!

Mix it in with the Sour Cream and it should like light green and smell oh so fabulous.
You could actually use this as a dip for chips , don't ask me how I know, I just know.

OK, so I hand shredded the chicken after it cooled, layered it with Jack Cheese and then the sour cream mixture goes on top.

This is the first layer, it should look like this then Lather, Rinse Repeat.

So the last layer, and once again JP's ad libbing here. I dunked the top corn tortillas in the remaining enchilada sauce mixed with some roasted Chile's. :) Like a spicy bath for the tortillas, then layer them on top and pour on top whats left over.Can you smell it? It smells fantastic.
More cheese and Cilantro on top and into a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes.

Shawn doesn't like anything spicy, but I only used one can on the top layer and I think it's just enough.

When its done, it should have yummy gooey layers like this !
So it was a tad to soupy for my taste, maybe I didn't let it sit long enough or I used too much cheese and sour cream. Not sure. It was divine regardless!

I made a huge pan of it, and already got the thumbs up from the kiddo.
This is a great pot luck dish as well. There are several variations on this theme that you could really layer any meat, and sauce and any noodle or tortilla and POOF dinner in a Pyrex.
Do try this, it really is soooooo good and makes your house smell fantastic!
My son said just the smell was making his stomach growl!


Marilyn said...

Ummm... Yummm.

Jocelyn said...

it is so good ! You should try it !
Let me know when is a good time to come pick up my dog and bring Wyatt his craft stuff.

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE enchiladas. These look so delicious!

The Wife said...

Oh man that looks great!

Jocelyn said...

KP: oh its beyond delicious!

Kit: If you ever come visit I wil make it for you.

Dunappy said...

I like enchiladas, but unfortunately the chili doesn't like me. I'm probably the only native New Mexican that is allergic to chili.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmm! Looks like Mexican Lasagne!

I love that you use cilantro. Some people don't like it, but it is the best flavor for Mexican food.

Please save me a seat at your table next time you make this dish! :)


Mc Allen said...

I can smell them from here!!! These are the most delishious looking things I have nearly ever seen, I cannot wait to try and make them!! Thank you! xxoo LA