Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Once again it all started with ....

this guy right here. About 2:30 am Friday night Head OF Security was going BatSH** crazy.
Which always means " COON ON DA PREMISES"
Shawn rolled out of bed to investigate and left HOS inside the kennel, which made her even more pissed. Every neighboring dog was barking for HOURS after all that.
The next morning Shawn caught him and realized he was very sick and needed medical attention or Euthanasia. Shawn took him to " the bad place" Animal Control and what his fate was we don't know.
So, then I realized that my dogs have been not going outside to potty the last few cold nights they have been going on my WHITE BERBER CARPET. SP and I can't deal with pet smell, so we went and rented the Rug Doctor and JP cleaned carpets for the better part of 7 hours, with a long nap in between. This is moving heavy furniture, cleaning, dusting, tv cables, etc... A huge P.I.T.A.

So for Valentines Day, we went to a cool old restaurant. Little did I realize that every single old person and their old person posse also likes this place. I swear we were the youngest couple there. So to make me feel more hip and cool, we went to Powells bookstore and then to MIO Gelato. It was almost a crisis when I looked in and saw they were almost out of pistachio!
Don't get the pear.. yuck.
So now it's Monday and I got invited over a blogger pal's house to learn how to make homemade soap! I have sensitive skin and my skin loves gentle soap.
She has this dog..... this adorable, in love with me Beagle dog.
He attached himself to my feet and was caught giving me the " can iz go home wif you" eyes.
If her son didn't love him so much this dog would be in my lap right now.
Goat on a Boat. I asked Marilyn if the boat was in case there was a 40 day flood.
She yes, you never know when the goats may have to make a speedy exit.
It was so much fun at her house, and I will be back as I have some craft supplies that I promised to give to her son Wyatt that I never use.
So my weekend was packed full, in between all this I have tried to watch as much of the Winter Olympics as I can. I love the Olympics and just get sucked in and before you know it hours and hours have gone by and I have done nothing. Lucky its only every 4 years ! Not sure what my excuse that during the other 3 years and 50 weeks is.

Have a great week Blogger Peeps!


Paige said...

Goat on a Boat. That would happen at my house

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Such a cute beagle. My aunt and uncle have a beagle, too. They are skilled in doing that pitiful look. lol!

If I had a boat (no reason here in NM), I'm sure it would have a goat or two on it...and a chicken or two and maybe even a sheep or two....or a llama or two. You know I just realized that most of our critters around here come in two's. lol!

I've always wanted to learn how to make goat's milk soap. Lucky you!

I've never had gelato. Is it like ice cream? Looks yummy!


Marilyn said...

Mmmm... Gelato.
I love that my floors look clean in the beagle potrait!
BTW, he still asks about you.

Desert Rose said...

Luv the goat on a boat and those puupy eyes...can't resist them!!!