Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why I drive two hours one way to get my hair done.

I have super HARD to color grey hair. They are stiff and ugly.
I also have the added bonus of having natural curly hair !
My friend form High School does hair in the old hood, and found this product that is to die for to cover grey. I have had med brown with highlights for about 6 months and then grow out and grey I had like 4 different colors of hair. SO WT, bad bad bad..
I now have this MAH VA LUS Chocolate Raspberry color. *****swooon****
She works the color in so deep she gets every strand, it has to sit for like an hour but man it's worth every single penny.

2nd reason, is that we got to go see Beth and Jack. They are getting too big, too fast and we need to see them more before they are going to college.
Uncle Shawn bent back Jacks toe on accident and there was this huge POP. Poor Shawn thought he had popped his shoulder out. No, only a toe and then Jack was back to good after a few minutes of drama.

Beth is a scrapper, and loves her horses. Every time I come over she gets her horses out and tells me about them, she will be my special guest next Saturday : ) Shawn and I are babysitting all day.

Plus we went to dinner with an old friend of mine. We haven't had a day for fun in Eugene in a long long time, it was nice to have no schedule ! That is the BONUS of having your kids be 18 and left at home!


Desert Rose said...

I would walk 10 miles up hill...both ways for the right color person, and do! Here in the desert it costs me 2x the $$$ as in the PNW but I do not want "old lady" hair...yet! Good that you have her! Beautiful color by the way.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'd love to spoil myself with a good cut and color, but I just save the money and do it myself. It's been over 5 years since I've had a professional cut. Your hair is always so beautiful, JP.

And what a great way to kill two birds with one stone visiting with special folks while making yourself beautiful! :)


jennybean79 said...

Good for you for finding the right hair person! They are hard to find and worth keeping once found.

I drive an hour and a half for a hair cut that costs over $45.00- I've had too many bad hair experiences to not go the distance.