Sunday, January 3, 2010

You saw it here first folks !

Even though they are very blurry, that is SP riding a horse.
Not any horse..

Although they were having a communication problem at first( she kept meandering towards where ever I was standing for starters) , they manged to work some of it out. Shawn is a good student. He just needs to learn that hanging on with a vice like death grip on her sides makes her GO. Then when you tell her to stop going she gets annoyed. That KICKING her sides means go RIGHT NOW, that a little squeeze is more polite.
I have owned this horse since 2004 with a one year break in between and he has NEVER ridden her.
He did have a great time however and we'll have to teach him to relax and let her do her job that I taught her to do. I think an oldy moldy gelding is in his future, not a mare-motional I only love my Momma Diva. She kept turning an ear and eye to me as if to say
" this had only better be a one time deal,I aint no lesson horse."
He was raised Cowboy and I was raised ask politely, correct kindly and praise.
If the kind correction doesn't work, and HARSH SWIFT beating usually does the trick :)
I was so proud of him, he has kind hands and you can't teach that.. Do I hear an AMEN!??


Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is so cool.
I know where there is a teenage gelding who is sweet as pie available for adoption if your SP decides to take up riding.

Mrs Mom said...

ROCK ON SP!!! I sure hope you slipped that "I Only Love My Momma Diva Girl" of yours an extra cookie for taking such good care of her Daddy ;)

Jocelyn said...

she got naughty at the end, so she had to have some Mommy n Me time.

Paige said...

That is great! Glad he had fun

wilsonc said...

It sure made my life easier and more fun when my DH took up with horses. Do I see trail rides in the future?

Jocelyn said...

He has always been into horses, but we have yet to find the perfect " husband, hunting, mountain trail" horse.

To have my sweetie on its back it has to be mostly bombproof and kind.

Flying Lily said...

Oh that is so wonderful!!! It was my dream to drag my husband into riding but I think it is not to be...he says he is only comfortable with things that turn off/on with a key.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for him for getting up there. And good for the diva girl, for trying to have some patience with his novice ways.

So, when will the new oldy moldy be joining the JP clan?