Sunday, January 17, 2010

No evening is complete without.........

all your bestest girlfriends.
So to set the scene we had snacks.. All healthy of course.

plenty of seating and mood lighting :)

A girl in gold pants , every party needs one of these!

Gift bags to die for!
I'll send a prize to anyone who can guess what was in them!

yummy healthy dinner of Chicken Ceaser Salad and gorgeous flowers!

and.............. a trip to the Naughty Store.
Oh wait there's more

My favorite fake fur jacket

see the red spot on my nose? Leftover Jell-o from the Jell-o shooters I bought.

Transvestites, who by no exaggeration were 7 feet tall.

another gorgeous friend!

I made a new friend Yelena.

So there you have it ! A fun night had by all. The next Cocktail /dinner and field trip will be a surprise~!
Every girl deserves a night out with her girls !


Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Girl! Where did you go where there were 7' tall men dressed like women with huge boobs?!

You live large, my friend. What a crazy night.

I guess the gift bags had a change of panties......for all the laughing you ladies were going to be doing.


word verif: gampling

Did you do some gampling while you were out, too?

Heather said...

Lisa- I have to say I think I did pee my pants once! We had the best time.

Thank you JP!

Paige said...

The only transvestite worth having is a big one in my opinion

Jocelyn said...

Lisa: Sorry it wasnt a change of panties although thats a great idea for next time.

BBFF; I think I have the next field trip figured out !

Paige: Amen sister. No One likes a midget trannie :)

Desert Rose said...

Hay...I took my PONY COUSINS there once, we loved it! We stole one of their skits to do at our family reunion that year. Some of our family about peed their pants they were laughing so hard!!! Nothing better than Cowgirls night out!

Breathe said...

Yes, if you are going to be a transvestite there is no point to being a petite flat chested one.

Whew. I had a sympathy hangover just reading about it.