Friday, January 29, 2010

I will have fields of them

When I am old and can no longer ride my horse. I will have these.
I won't be " wearing purple" or some big obnoxious Red Hat, or one of those PICK and GO perm hair do's that old ladies swear by.
I will have fields of,
white ponies. Lots and lots of white ponies. I will teach them to drive carts and a sleigh.
I will spend hours grooming and fussing over them.
There is nothing more magical and spiritual to me than a sparkly white pony with a long mane and tail.
Bonus: This one has feathers :)

How could you not love this face? When we see a white pony we say" Oh look it's Merry Legs" Black Beauty people....!
So if you see an old lady and her team of 4 white perfectly sparkling primped ponies pull up at your house, you'll know it's me :)


Fantastyk Voyager said...

That first one looks like a BIG white pony! What a great idea, a field of white ponies!! lol.
WOTD- hansom

Jocelyn said...

Val: The big pony is a FEll Pony Stallion.

Breathe said...

I'll have the hot chocolate ready and I'll ride shot gun.

And cookies. We'll need cookies.

Kristina P. said...

Can I have a unicorn?

Best Horse Gifts said...

Love it! A field of white ponies and a little old lady watching over them. Great image!

20 meter circle of life said...

Ohhh I will buzz over on my scooter with a weenie dog in the basket and a ciggy in a super long holder and you can take me to the church to play bingo in your cart!!!

Linda said...

When the cookies & hot chocolate are gone, swing by my place and I'll have the wine ready. Beautiful ponies. Love the feathers!

Jocelyn said...

Breathe: You will be my first stop for sure.

KP: You may have a unicorn and cotton candy to go with it :)

BHG: I know, doesnt it sound fabulous?

JP2: I laughed so hard about you and the scooter with weenies. Only becasue I know it's true.

LInda: You will be my last stop, because I dont drink and "drive" LOL !!

Reddunappy said...

Jocelyn, I was so fun to meet you Saturday over at Coastal! Thats cool! You are the first Blogger friend I have met in person!

Kathi said...

Oh I love the ones with big feet!!! That first white one is amazing. Brilliant!!! Kathi ps I just read this morning that some day Jesus will be riding a horse. Guess what color! WHITE. "...and it's rider was named 'Faithful and True'..."

Rising Rainbow said...

You'll be welcome at my house. Anyone hanging onto their horsey dreams into old age is my kind of people.

I doubt I'll have white ponies but a field filled with equines is indeed good.

Desert Rose said...

You had better have a "Big" wagon to carry the rest of us!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh Jocelyn, you're dreaming. You'd be bent over in pain overdosing in pain pills and muscle relaxers every day after going through grooming your lovely white ponies ALL DAY long to keep them so shiny, pretty and glaringly white.

But hey, it's your retirement, girlfriend. If you want to spent it washing and scrubbing ponies every day, you go right ahead. lol!