Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clean House Field trip

Saturday my son Logen and I wen to the Clean House garage sale in Portland. This is a show on the Fine living Network that I watch nearly everyday. They find people who are hoarders, pack rats and junk collectors and clean it up, sell their stuff and redo their homes.
It isn't as easy as it sounds, this crew works so hard and the homeowners can be major PITA's.
You really need 10 BBQ's and 4 Dishwashers that don't work? Like that...

This was the opening shot of the family saying welcome and come on in , we had to do this three times. Boy was it cold outside!

Another cameraman, they where everywhere. You couldn't move 5 feet and there was another one.

This is Trish one of the gals from the show. Her role in the show is that she is in charge of the garage sale.

The theme was " lets get physical".
Her and I discussed the " side pony" she has a deep southern accent and she said " well it's either go big or go home" :)

This is a view of the entire sale, it wasn't really that big, and the shopping was kind of lame. But the idea was we went for the experience and to meet the people I see on the TV everyday.
My house has clutter, but when I watch this show I don't feel so bad.

This is Mark Brunetz the " show designer" He is a nice guy, kind of quirky and the make up he has to wear must be murder on his skin.
He was dressed almost like the guys from Dodge ball.
This is Trish again, she actually had 8x10 Glossies you could buy and have her autograph.
weird.. but I am sure its part of the money making scheme for the homeowners. So how it works is that they have minions with Walkies on meandering around and when they think a good interaction with a star of the show is happening, they are on you like white on rice.
I was looking at a hutch and POOF ! The minion was right next to me. So now I get how it's done.

This is Matt and the Homeowner. She was a very nice lady. I wished her luck. Matt is like 6 foot 5, He's larger than life. I wanted to get my picture with him but god forbid I look like one of all the other women my age or OLDER who were acting like silly school girls. No thank you.
PASS. Now if this was say........... Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom, etc..

Logen took this for me, so I can say I went!

IT was fun and the crowd was insane. I would do it again for sure! I am so glad Logen went with me, it was a mad house and he went and looked for the jewelry while I ran to the ladies room, he is the one who pressured me to get my picture taken with Trish.
We were so BUMMED that Neicey Nash wasn't there. That's the majority of the reason I went!
Maybe another time.


Breathe said...

I love that show. I would love them to hit our house, but we are not at the level of disaster required. Thank god.

Paige said...

I love that show! Trish is my favorite. Is she so cute in real life you cannot stand it? She sounds like my relatives.

Im so jealous!

Was there nothing good to buy?

Do you know when that one will be on?

Kathi said...

Now that's my kind of tv show. It's because deep down inside I could be one of those people. If it were not for my husband I might be. I think that is why I love watching other people. It does make me feel better. We go to Goodwill to drop off boxes and bags 2X a month, just so I won't be a hoarder. LOL. Anyway. This looks like fun Jocelyn. I will check out that show via youtube. I don't have cable. xoxoox's Kathi

Stephanie said...

How neat I have never heard of that show before but now I would really like to see it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think I watched that show maybe twice last year. NOw I can't even remember what channel it was on. Wasn't it HGTV? I think that channel is gone now. Weird.

How cute you looked in those pictures. Way cuter than the stars of the show for sure!

Did anyone mistake you for being one of the folks from the show?

Orlando Bloom....sigh.


jennifer said...

Neicey IS a hoot but Tricia is way cool too. That was a fabulous experience!