Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip of the Day.

I wanted to buy a roping reins for drill practice and the occasional outing to a gaming play day/trail ride.
So, while we were at Spotted Mule I picked out this HOT PINK Nylon barrel racing one for like 20 bucks. We'll be so cute I thought....
Well, SP picked up this one and said this one is only $40 and nicer. Me being the cheapie said, no I don't want to spend too much for something I will hardly use. SP once again insisted I buy the nicer rolled leather set he had picked out one as SP is not a fan of cheap colored tack, neither am I but OMG ! Hot Pink !
Well, let me tell you it's worth every penny. I love them. Plus it perfectly matches my bitless bridle I use, and the rolled part is dreamy.
I have a personal TACK mantra, buy what you can afford and take care of it. I do .
My tack box is NOT full of cheap unused items. I have what I could afford and its well taken care of and has lasted me for 6 plus years.
I also put a snap on the other side so both sides have a snap.
I have claw snaps on all my bridles and all my reins so I can interchange any at any time.
I hate Chicago screws, latigo laces etc. I want to clip/change out and roll. Try it, you'll wish you had done it sooner.

So the moral of this post is, IF your husband insists on you buying something more expensive for your pony.


Desert Rose said...

Just Love them...good choice hubby!!! I also have the snaps...on most of my bridles. There are a few that I never change out...but with 2 horses I have 5 complete sets ready to go!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooooh! Pretty! I want to see the hot pink reins, too!

I love the claw clips as well. What do you think of slobber straps, though?

I'm the same way. I only have what I'll use and try to take good care of them. But it's always fun to look, too...hehe!


ps Thanks for all the wonderful comments, encouragement, and words of advice you've been giving me over at my blog. They are much appreciated :)


Jocelyn said...

DR: I have 5 sets for ONE horse!

Lisa:I thought the hot pink reins were super cute!
I've never used slobber straps. never had a real need as Star is not a drooler much.

I so wish I was closer to help you with your mare.

Kathi said...

You go girl!!! Great advice too : )

wilsonc said...

Oh believe me...I WILL

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are very nice reins. They look comfortable.

jennybean79 said...

Great reins! I want some too.

I think your horse is gorgeous and looks nothing like a "cow". Non-horse-husbands don't know any better though, they see black and white anything, and it's automatically a cow. Maybe it's the steak gene or something. ;)

Breathe said...

In life, get the best you can afford (or in this case, what hubby can afford). The look really nice!