Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easiest Chili EVER

Edited to add: Poor SP was feeling down and crabby. Nothing says love more than comfort food.
It is true the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.
This was the perfect medicine to perk him right up.
This morning I got an " I love you" text. Yeah that's right I did!

Ready for Chili in an hour or less?

FYI: This makes a HUGE stock pot full , enough to feed three males, myself and lunches for all the next day. IF I'm lucky I can freeze enough for a " meal for two"

Brown 2 lbs Ground Beef
Add onion 1 ( medium) , garlic( 2 cloves) and one packet of TWO of Chili Seasoning.
I use store brands 90% of the time, except for seasoning/spice packets. Pay the extra 15 cents, it's worth it.
Dump into huge stock pot liquid and ALL:
3 cans kidney beans
3 cans pinto beans
3 cans diced tomatoes with green chilies.
( you can use plain diced and add your own amount if green chiles, I am lazy and prefer to open as few cans as I have to)
6 tablespoons of masa mixed with water to make it have the texture of pudding.
This is your thickener, it is crucial for quick chili.

After you brown the beef and did the dump and stir, add the 2nd pack of seasonings.
VIOLA! Chili in about 60 to 90 minutes because you want it to thicken.
Use brown sugar if it's too spicy and more cumin and chili powder if it's too mild.
SP hates spicy , so I have to make it tame.

Next is cornbread. I use JIFFY in a box, but SP bought Krusteaz. He said this one was too crumbly and likes it to be more dense. I prefer it to be cake like and soft, so to each his own.
This was golden brown perfection. Can't you just smell the butter on it?

Cornbread last about a nano second in this house. Same situation as a kid it never lasted, my Mom made the Jiffy cornbread too and I love how it makes my house smell.
So there you have it ! Easy Peasey!
Enjoy and your house will smell fantastic! You can thank me later. :)


An American's Observations said...

Was the best chili you made yet.

Stephanie said...

You just made me incredibly hungry....

The Wife said...

I'm with Stephanie, you just made me sooooo hungry!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's on the menu this weekend, for sure!