Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few Things

Tip of the Day:

Dressage Whip. If you don't have one go buy one.

Very useful in a variety of situations.
1. Naughty no go forward pony situation. Cluck, squeeze, WHACK.
2. Pushy in your space forgot who is ALPHA Mare situation. Poke in the shoulder and or chest area does the trick nicely.
3. Husband says let your grey hair grow out I want to see what you really look like situation.
Try not to leave welts on anyplace that can't be covered up with clothing.

I can't revamp my blog until I get a new computer. My home computer is a dinosaur and its too frustrating. So my new look for 2010 will have to wait.

On a side note:

I am on the starting line to lose 60 pounds.

at least 40 by 3/13/10 which is a huge show for Star and I.
I have the cutest show shirt to wear and I want it to fit me.
I have to buy a red and black Navajo Pad and we will be fabulous !

There are alot of great new things going on in JP -Land.

Starting with weight loss and the relaunch of my Take Shape business.

I am a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life that uses Medi-Fast as meal replacement.


This business and new weight loss is going to put me on the road to all the goals I have set for myself this year.


Stephanie said...

Cluck, squeeze, whack! I love it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you reaching for your goals, JP! I know you can do it. You've got that tenacious attitude! Oh...and that strong desire to look hot to trot in that cute show shirt. You and Star will be showing everybody else up!

You go girl!


Paige said...

Good luck on the weight loss-I am back at it too.

I use cattle sorters like you use a whip. I call them my sticks

Desert Rose said...

I would like to drop about 10lbs myself...good luck!

Breathe said...

We will be pulling for you!

I know a equine blogger who lost 60 pounds last year... she's loving it.
Not sure how she did, but she's at jacksonsgrrl.blogspot...

Linda said...

'Cluck, squeeze, WHACK.' OMG! LOL! I snorted coffee on my keyboard! LOL!

Mrs Mom said...

Kick Ass! (And don't beat husband too hard- they are delicate ;) )

The Wife said...

I think every girl needs a whip. Keeps everyone in line!

Good luck with the weight loss. I'm right there with ya.